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They told me that this new dog wouldn't play--shows how much they know!


"The Farmers Market"

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Very short film clip of
Sheila and Jasmine playing


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21 August 2005

I haven't talked about the menagerie for awhile.  I mentioned that Bud found himself what sounds like the perfect home for him.

We were without puppies or foster dogs for nearly a week, and then Jasmine arrived.

jasmine1.jpg (26574 bytes)Jasmine has been around the SPCA for a few weeks now.  She's 7 years old and as I recall the story, she was a family dog until the kid went off to college, then the parents dumped Jasmine at the pound, where she was rescued by Ashley and started the foster home routine until she can find another family.

She's a sweet dog, but bonded with Ashley, so she puts up with me, but waits for Ashley to return. 

Ashley said that her dogs had been trying to get Jasmine to play with them, and she wasn't interested.  Well...she hadn't met Sheila, she who will not be denied.  After two days of trying to get her to play, with no reaction, Sheila finally was successful.  The two of them chased each other around the yard for a long time this morning, 

hole.jpg (32873 bytes)She is not without her flaws.  Walt heard this loud noise from the yard while he was taking his shower, and when he went to investigate, discovered that Jasmine was in the process of eating her way out of the yard.  She had to climb through thick undergrowth and debris that we piled by that fence years ago to keep the then-young Seymour from trying to climb the fence.  Seymore died years and years ago, but the barrier remains.  However, it was not sufficient for Jasmine and there was a big hole eaten out of the fence. 

Walt patched that, but we've decided that we can only let her out into the yard when she can be supervised.

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I do not want to teach this dog how to use the dog door!  And I can't leave her and Sheila to play unsupervised because I never know when they have finished and she's ready to go munch on the fence again.  It's like having a toddler again, whom you can let go out and play, but whom you can't really let out of your sight for more than a couple of minutes.

Jasmine3.jpg (22356 bytes)Because she still thinks she's bonded to Ashley, she pretty much ignores the rest of us, which makes her (except for the fence incident), a pretty easy dog to have around.  She gets very friendly with me around meal times, when she paws at me, tail wagging furiously, but mostly she lies off by herself in the hall or by the front door. There have been a couple of times when she's decided to investigate the stuff on the kitchen table or the counter, but that's just made me more conscientious about keeping things out of her way (i.e., straightened up!)

Jasmine again went off to be put up for adoption today.  I guess that it's easier to find homes for cute little puppies than it is for larger, older dogs.   So she is back to spend another few days with us.

Apparently Petey (now called "Wally") stopped by the booth for a visit.  Ashley reports that Petey is now digging holes all over his new family's back yard, so I guess he finally overcame his shyness and is feeling at home.

*"Plants that wake when others sleep. Timid jasmine buds that keep their fragrance to themselves all day, but when the sunlight dies away let the delicious secret out to every breeze that roams about."  -- Thomas More


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The Australian Annie Oakley.
Peggy bagged this hawk with one shot,
when he was threatening the birds in the aviary.

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