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The new kid isn't nearly as much fun as that Petey was.




20 August 2005

The kid is gone.

She'll probably roll her eyes at that.  "The kid" will be 40 next year. 

She comes home about twice a year, once at Christmas and once in the summer, for the IPO show (International Pop Overthrow).  IPO is a music festival which has been held for the past seven years, usually in Los Angeles, but this year in San Francisco.

During the course of the festival, some 100-180 of "the best pop bands from around the world" participate.  I'm not up on all the particulars, but a lot of Jeri's friends (mostly old Lawsuit folks, including Ned and Marta) get together, put out a CD, and put on a 15 minute show somewhere at an IPO venue.  This year, Steve joined them to sing his song, Franco ate the paperwork, which he co-wrote with "Cthulhu's Dance Party" and recorded with Ned and the other Preoccupied Pipers (one of whom had come all the way from Japan to participate).

So anyway, Jeri came out to visit, record, perform, and do all the sorts of things she does when she comes out for a visit.  (The link above goes to Steve's sampler video of the show.)

I am so amazingly impressed with our #1 child and how conscientious she is about seeing as many people as possible, and how she manages to arrange things to do as much as she does in the brief time she's here. 

She always manages to spend time with both of her grandmothers (even though they are now at opposite ends of the state), see a movie and do some visiting with her parents, spend one-on-one time with many of her friends, play with the offspring of all of those friends who have children.  (Josie is her favorite)

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This time she's even managing to fit in a 2-day camping trip with Ned and Marta.

While she's here, she's also working.  Professionally, she teaches composing and arranging at Berklee College of Music in Boston (as well as teaching music privately and playing for various musicals in theatres around Boston).  This summer, with the college on vacation, she's teaching an on-line course in composing and arranging.

It's pretty cool.  She has some 13 students, who live all over the world and pay a hefty sum to take the course (to the school, which pays Jeri a salary).  They download lessons from the internet, and then send Jeri recordings and sheet music of their workShe then makes comments and sends the homework back to them.

Twice a week she has an on-line session with whoever wants to show up.  She can conduct this wherever she has internet access, whether sitting at a Davis cafe or in my office or somewhere else.  Essentially, nobody knows whether she's dressed for work, or in her jammies, or surrounded by the cacaphony of a coffee shop while carrying on a conversation with a friend

The thing that impresses me most about our daughter is how much she cares about the people in her life and how much out of her way she goes to make sure that everybody has a piece of her.  I know it occasionally puts a strain on her, trying to fit it all in, especially since it means covering most of the state.  But somehow she does it.

It's been nice having her home.  I had the added bonus of a one-on-one mother/daughter lunch yesterday, where we sat and just talked for about 2 hours, a luxury we don't often get.

She's a neat kid.  And no matter how old she gets, she'll still be "a kid" to me!


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Don't tell me she's not still "the kid"!

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