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9 August 2005

Over the weekend, I rented and watched The High and the Mighty.   My "review" of it is over on Funny the Blog (what I hope is an interesting comparison with flight in the 1950s and flight today).  But I wanted to toss out a question that I don't know the answer to.  Maybe someone has some information I don't.

In the movie, the passengers check in at the Honolulu airport and have to present a passport and are then sent to Immigration to get clearance before boarding the plane. 

The movie was made in 1954 and Hawaii didn't attain statehood until 1959, but Walt lived there, until 1955, when he was 15, and he doesn't remember needing a passport to enter or leave the island.  I'm curious to know whether someone knows why the movie would have people needing a passport.

More on Hawaii--there is a brouhaha at Kamehameha School, the private school founded by Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop for the purpose of creating educational opportunities for people of Hawaiian ancestry.  Now there is a court case brewing, stating that it is unconstitutional to restrict the school to only those of Hawaiian ancestry.

The only reason for bringing this up is that it's funny the difficulty newscasters have with the word "Kamehameha."  Of course to explain it means I have to figure out how to write the correct and incorrect ways phonetically.

It is, of course, ka-MAY-ha-MAY-ha.   We've always prounced it, being funny, as Commie-hommie-ha and thought that a  joke until I heard a newscaster stumbling over the word and actually PRONOUNCING it "commie-hommie-ha."  The newscaster this morning gave it an entirely different pronunciation, only vaguely related to the proper pronunciation, that I wish I could remember now.

Maybe I'm weird, but I just always knew about King Kamehameha -- and how to prounounce his name.  You'd think that if a newscaster knew that this was the story coming up, they'd check with someone on the proper pronunciation, wouldn't you?

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Bud (I didn't name this one) is becoming a nice friend for Sheila.   He is slightly taller than she is and, though he first came to the SPCA very timid (he was rejected by the shelter for having an unsuitable disposition), you'd never know it now.  He's been in a foster home for a month and, like Pete became here, he's a changed dog.  Amazing what love and feeling secure in your surroundings will do.

The two of them are a great match, as they both "play" using their front paws, so they will run at each other, rear up on their hind legs and wrap each other in a paw-lock around the front.

He's a sweet dispositioned dog with very soft fur.  His only problem is that he takes awhile to settle down at night and he's not ready to go to sleep when I am. All I have to do is climb into the recliner and he's licking my toes. His first night here, a hot night, I actually slept under a blanket to keep him from licking my toes!

He also has this jumping up problem, where he's so thrilled to see you...every second that you are in his sight--that he has to try to jump up on you. As soon as I sit down in the chair, his front paws are in my lap.  Sheila has been watching this and knows she is not supposed to jump up on me, but as soon as I sit in the chair, she's on the other side of me, paws in my lap, head on my stomach. The message is clear:  this is my person and if you can do this, I can too!

There is also a lot of mutual humping going on around here.   Sheila is not a "humper," but I guess there is something about an intact male (he gets neutered on Tuesday) which brings out the hormones in her--or which dictates that the dominance displays become a bit more graphic.  But Bud is doing his own share of humping as well--something Sheila has not experienced since she conceived her puppy, I suspect!

She does seem to look pretty happy about it.

It turns out that Bud will be here through the end of the week, since Ashley ended up with more dogs needing foster homes than she anticipated, so Walt will be able to meet him after all, as he gets home Wednesday.

I'll tell ya, I'm sure getting a better appreciation for the amount of work that the SPCA people do trying to find good homes for abandoned animals.


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Bud has made himself at home.


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