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7 August 2005

Sleep around here has always been weird, but with Petey here it's become a little more strange.

When Sheila arrived, I was going through a period of sleeping in a bed, having found that the bed in the guest bedroom, for some inexplicable reason, didn't seem to bother my back the way almost all other beds do.  So I invited Sheila to share the bed with me, and it was one of the highlights of her day.  I'd start up the stairs at the end of the day and she would fairly explode with excitement.  She learned that she could not get on the bed before I got under the covers, so would sit patiently on the floor and then when I told her it was OK, give a flying leap and land in the middle of the bed, lying  on her side, and sliding up to my head so I could skritch her behind the ears and then, as I began to fall asleep, move down to the end of the bed, where she would curl up in a ball and go to sleep for the rest of the night.

All good things must come to an end, however, I guess and in time, the guest bed also began to bother my back and so I moved back downstairs to my faithful recliner (now stained with puppy formula).

When I moved back downstairs, Sheila was confused--where should she sleep?  She would spend the night alternating between sleeping near my chair and going upstairs to sleep on the bed without me.  When I bought her a dog bed, she would sometimes use that, but she still liked that bed.  I put a cover on it so that she could use it without getting the quilt messed up.

During all this time, of course, Kimba has slept in her own little bed.

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The first night Petey was here, I put him in the cage, not knowing what his "bathroom habits" were going to be like, but on his first full day here, he seemed to be a proper gentleman, and so when night time rolled around and I found him sleeping so peacefully in my recliner, I decided to let him stay there, and I slept in Walt's recliner. 

Now I should add that if I had any thoughts about adopting Petey, I would have begun to set the rules from the start--no animals on the furniture--but he was such a scared little thing that seeing him relaxed and trusting made me reluctant to start issuing stern orders.

And so we settled into that routine.  We'd go to sleep at night, Sheila upstairs on the bed, Kimba in her bed, Petey in my chair, and me in Walt's (and Walt in his bed in the hotel in Washington, DC!). 

I don't know who was sleeping where when I fell asleep last night, but around 4 a.m., I heard the sound of toenails on the floor, and assumed Petey was walking around.  He had been trying to find his "space" all day--did he want to be on my chair? on Walt's? on the bare floor? On the bed I set up for him outside? in Kimba's bed (which he discovered yesterday afternoon).  I tried to ignore the toenails going back and forth, back and forth, kind of aimlessly.

I also began to realize that I was thirsty, so I decided to get up and get something to drink before going back to sleep.  Imagine my surprise to discover that the toenails belonged, not to Petey, to Kimba, who seemed not to know quite what to do, since Petey was sleeping very peacefully in her bed.

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Being the considerate doggie mommy that I am (apparently), I got up and came in here to my office to type, knowing that Kimba would then settle herself on the soft rug under my desk and finally get some sleep.

I, however, feel that I'm going to be needing a nap sometime during the day!

We appear to have a new black dog in the house.  This one has no head, no tail, no feet and no internal organs, but is bigger than the lab puppies when they first arrived here.  This is what happens when you sweep up the hair from 2 black dogs during hot summer (shedding) days.  I'm thinking that our next dog should be a poodle, a breed which, I understand, doesn't shed.

There is a short Petey movie here


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Created 7/31/05

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