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2 August 2005

If you're looking for lurid or lewd details, you'll have to go elsewhere, but I lost my virginity last night.

Now it may seem strange to think of a mother of 5 "losing her virginity" at the ripe old age of 62, but when Ellen and Shelly discovered I'd never been to a Monarch's game (the Monarchs are Sacramento's women's professional basketball team), they pronounced me a Monarchs Virgin and proceeded to help me lose my virginity.

Someone had given them four tickets so they invited me and Pat, who has been my partner working the prize table at the Gay Pride picnic for the past several years.

Mon-pants.jpg (26176 bytes)We walked the circle around the arena before going to our seats and stopped to look around the team store, where an older salesman tried to sell us some t-shirts, showed us the clever way he'd tied his lanyard to cover up a spot on his shirt.  He also confided that he thought women were ruining women's basketball by wearing shorts that are so long.  "Some of those gals must have really good looking legs," he said.

We left.

The Monarchs were playing the Lynx, a Minnesota team and from all I'd been told by Ellen and Shelly, the game was secondary to all the other stuff going on in the stadium.  They were right.

For starters it was a good place to people-watch.

Mon-Defense.jpg (52961 bytes)

These guys, for instance.  The guy on the right shouted "DEE-FENCE" throughout the entire game.  He left before it ended and I'll be willing to bet he has no voice at all tomorrow.

It may be that ticket prices are astronomical and it costs a fortune to buy any food, but other than making it virtually impossible for lower income families to attend, the Monarchs do include little kids in their games.  A lot.   It seemed that every time one team took a time out, a troop of little kids would get on the floor and start dancing.

Mon-Kids1.jpg (48393 bytes)

Mon-Kids2.jpg (45964 bytes)

And then there was the Monarchs' mascot, Monty, who was everywhere.

Mon-Monty.jpg (52958 bytes)

There was even an inflatable Monty.  (There is a movie snippet of the entertainment here)

Mon-MontyAir.jpg (46117 bytes)

Throughout the game, things were dropped from the ceiling, given out to groups, shot out of canons and slung into the crowd from gigantic sling shots

Mon-Sling.jpg (47785 bytes)

Oh yeah--and there was even a basketball game.

Mon-Game.jpg (67995 bytes)

I have to admit that I enjoyed this women's basketball game more than the men's that I've seen, which lately have seemed to me to be part basketball, part gymnastics, with all of that swinging from the hoops.  Nobody swung from the hoop last night, it was just a lot of good ball-playing.

Best of all, the Monarchs won, 67-54.  Everyone left happy.

Mon-cheer.jpg (43825 bytes)

When it was all over, we got in the car and drove back to Davis, where we had a lovely thai dinner at one of our five or so Thai restaurants, and then I came home again, happy to know that finally--after all these years--I'm not a virgin any more.


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Pat and Ellen, after the game

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