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30 April 2005

As I was sitting there in the chair, I was mentally composing starting lines for this entry:

"It's a good thing hair grows back...."

"I had never been shaved there before..."

"I knew with the first snip that this was going to be a terrible haircut...."


With naturally wavy/curly hair, I don't do anything to my hair, but wash it and brush it.  So I've never perfected the art of giving someone specific directions for how to cut my hair.  I generally give the same instructions:  between the middle and top of my ear, off my neck. a little longer in front, and layer the hair.  Then I take off my glasses and am totally at their mercy because I can't see what they're doing.

However, when my hair cutter took the first "snip," removing a chunk from above my ear, I knew that it was going to be much shorter than I anticipated.  I also realized that with that one quick snip, we had reached the point of no return.

"Is this right?" she kept asking, but all I could see was a blur in the mirror, so I just said "OK" and prayed that it wouldn't be too horrible.  When she began shaving ABOVE my ear to clean everything up, I knew that it wasn't not going to be exactly what I'd ordered.  And it wasn't.  Waaay too short.

But as I said, it's a good thing that hair grows back.

This was "errand day."  I've been putting off doing lots of stuff so I could do them all at the same time.  I started out at Kaiser for a blood pressure check.  My doctor has been having me come in every few weeks to make sure that the new medication is keeping it in check.  I got a clean bill of health last time and they didn't make an appointment for me, but called a month later to have me come in and be checked.  The systolic was the same as last time, the diastolic (the bottom number) was lower, which is great.   The doctor was pleased and no new appointment was made.  I headed off to SuperCuts.

After my haircut, I drove to Cost Plus to look for baskets.  I've decided to ascribe to the "find a nice container and put stuff in it" philosophy in trying to deal with some of the junk.   I was looking specifically to find boxes to go on the bottom of the  bookshelf I moved in a couple of days ago.  I got all the DVDs on it but didn't want to put things on the bottom, feeling they would get extra dirty that way.  So I was looking for boxes and I'm very pleased with what I found.

chairbookcases.jpg (115351 bytes)

As I walked around Cost Plus, I also found a straw trunk-like thing that looked like it would be perfect to go under a glass end table that I'd moved to the middle of the room.  More "pretty storage" for junk (now I just have to sort through junk and decide what goes in it).

trunk.jpg (96746 bytes) well as a small straw box to put all the remote controls for the TV, VCR, and DVR in.

Next stop was the supermarket.  They had overcharged me by more than $40 the other day, plugging in the food code for garlic (4208) as a price rather than a code.   They were very nice about it and gave me my money back without question.

Finally I came home to put all of my new purchases away.  I was very pleased with how all my new stuff looked.  I picked up the remote controls to put in the little box, to "neaten-up" the table, and suddenly the TV went off.  I had inadvertently pressed something that turned off the TV, even tho my back was to the television at the time I did it.

It took me a couple of hours to figure out how to get it back on again, in which time I also managed to crash the computer, but by the end of the aftenoon, the TV was back, the computer was back, the hair, unfortunately, wasn't back, but, as I said, it will grow.

Tomorrow is the SPCA fund-raising walk-a-thon.  I'm wondering if any of my "babies" will be there.  I'm going to be the official photographer.

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It will grow back...eventually.


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