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29 April 2005

I haven't participated in the Random Acts of Journaling for a long time.  I was looking ahead in the Funny the World Archives to see what entries were there to link to for "This Day in My History" and discovered that on April 30, 2004 I did "Me and My Millions," which was probably the last time I did one of these random acts of journaling.  So I decided to see what's going on on the site at the moment.  There are lots of choices, but this one sounded like fun:

Quickly, without giving it too much thought, write down five things you can see from where you are sitting.

1.  A canned wombat
2.  A gargoyle sucking its thumb
3.  A statue of an angel
4.  A panda bear with a missing ear
5.  A beany baby of a red cardinal

Now, tell us five things about each of those five things.

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(1) Peggy sent the wombat to me for Christmas the year before she came here. 
(2) It was one of those things like "canned fog," where you wonder if you should open it or not. 
(3) I didn't open it, thinking that "canned wombat" was an intersting enough thing, but she eventually asked me if I'd opened it,
(4) so I did and found a cute little stuffed wombat inside (you can't really see the details in this picture). 
(5) It's been sitting here in my office ever since. 
gargoyle.jpg (62542 bytes) (1) The gargoyle was a gift from my friend Lynn, the midwife living in Houston
(2) She was living here in Davis when she bought it. 
(2) Lynn is the mistress of little cute statues and has a garden that resembles a fairyland, filled with little creatures.
(3) I remember when she found this "baby gargoyle" and thought it was just the cutest thing she'd ever seen.
(4) she not only gave one to me, but gave another one to our mutual friend RoseMarie.
(5) it's a nice dust-catcher.
angel.jpg (58684 bytes) (1) My cousin Peach gave me this angel several years ago.  I believe it was Christmas 1995. 
(2) I think it was 1995 because I remember that she felt very strongly about giving me this statue and said that she'd had the strongest feeling for a long time that I was going to need the angel to watch over me.
(3) At the time I thought that it was a nice angel and believed that she believed it was something she had to do for me, but it didn't make much of an impact.
(4)  The following year, David died, so her premonition may have been just that--a premonition.
(5)  It still sits here near my desk, but if it's supposed ot watch over me, it's not doing a very good job.
panda.jpg (59470 bytes) (1) This panda bear belonged to Fred Reif, my former boss at the Physics Department in Berkeley. 
(2) I don't remember where he got it, but it sat in his office for a long time. 
(3) When I was getting ready to quit the job, he picked it up offhandedly one day and asked "want this?." 
(4) I can't remember when the bear lost its ear, but I think it came to me ear-less, or at least with an ear that was loose.
(5) The bear is now covered with dust, but I can't bear to throw him away.
cardinal.jpg (62647 bytes) (1) I bought the cardinal for myself in a store in Ohio, when we were visiting Jeri, who was doing summer stock there. 
(2) I had just come from Houston, where I had spent 6 weeks with my friends Mike and Bill, taking care of Bill (who was freshly out of the hospital) while Mike went off to work.  Bill and I used to watch the birds at his bird feeder and that was when I saw the cardinals.  They didn't come around very often, but it was always such a treat to see them. 
(3) I had only seen one other cardinal  in the wild before, when I was touring Annapolis with our friend Stan Morrow. 

(4)  So when I saw this cardinal, I was tickled and decided to buy it for Bill.  Ultimately, I decided to keep it for myself. 
(5)  Later, when Bill went into the hospital for the last time, I found another one and sent it to him to keep in his hospital room, which he did, until he died.

This office is, like most of the rest of the house (except the family room, until I get it all put back together again!) a real museum of memories, with almost everything in it evoking some sort of memory.  I left out the paper apron that Paul's kindergarten class made for me, or the pillow his teacher embroidered for me, that the dog ate one corner of.  I forgot the portrait that one of my doctor-bosses painted for me when I left the office.  I left out the tassel from my high school graduation cap (see--I never throw anything away!).  I left out the dozens of photos, the stuffed animals, the cobwebs so old they have become "classic," and the books...lots and lots and lots of books, to say nothing of the miscellaneous amorphous "stacks" of things.


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Kimba in the dishwasher

Kimba is feeling her oats these days--this is the  very first time in 14 years
she's ever tried to climb into the diswasher


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