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28 April 2005

There were many times during the process when I wondered if it really was worth all this trouble.

My mother decided to get me a new recliner for my birthday, back in February.  She decided that it would be a better gift than just giving me a check and that it would be fun to go shopping together.   She has also sat on my old recliner, with the spring-sprung seat and the puppy formula stained arms.

So back in February, we drove down and met her in San Rafael and she treated us to a lovely lunch.  Then we set off for LaZboy to look at recliners.

I felt like Goldilocks testing out chairs.  This one was too small, that one was too hard, this one was too soft, that one was too expensive.  Then the saleswoman sized me up and told me if I could live without the "rocking" portion of a LaZboy recliner, she had a chair she wanted me to try.

The minute I sat in it, I knew I was home.  It was the same feeling I had when we went looking for our original Archie and Edith chairs many years ago.  It just "fit."  It was "me."  And it was amazingly comfortable.

I was concerned about the light color, but the Saleswoman assured me it had a terrific stain guard and would resist all stains (well, what else was she going to say?  She wanted the sale!)

We made the decision and the paperwork was begun.  I thought the purchase might have been a little precipitous, because what was I going to do with the new chair while we were doing our house remodel?

It turned out to be a moot point because they couldn't deliver it to Davis anyway.  She explained that LaZboy is a franchise, rather than a chain, and while there may or may not be one in our area, it would have a different owner and so they couldn't order the chair to be shipped from an outlet closer to our house.

We sadly decided not to buy the perfect chair and prepared to leave but then my mother suggested that we have the chair delivered to her house and we could leave it there while the house was being fixed up and then bring it up at that time.  Besides, the saleswoman had been so nice that we wanted her to have the commission.

So the paperwork was restarted and in a few minutes we walked out, the proud owners of "the perfect chair."  

Once the floor was in, we were eager to get the new chair here, and my mother was eager to get it out of her shed, but then we discovered just how BIG the new chair is.  It wouldn't fit in Ned's SUV.   We certainly couldn't put it in or on the Honda.  We were going to have my cousin and her husband drive it up in their new truck, but they decided it wouldn't fit because they have a fifth wheel rig in the middle of the thing and they didn't think that the chair would fit around it.

It seemed like the chair would spend a lot more time in my mother's shed until we could find someone who could transport it up here for us.

But this past weekend my cousin's husband carefully measured the chair and the truck and decided that he could probably make it fit around the big rig in the back.  They were on their way home and would pass right through Davis, so they would deliver it after all.

At 9 a.m., the truck pulled up in the driveway and there was the new chair.  It was a tight fit down the narrow hall, but in no time it was there sitting in the family room in two pieces.  Those LaZboy recliners have a back that lifts right off, but even with three of us working on it, it was very difficult to get the runners into the slots.  We struggled and struggled and finally we figured we had it, so Peach and Bob took off for their home, with many thank you hugs from me.

After they left, I went to sink down in my beautiful new chair and learned we hadn't gotten the back on properly after all.  It twisted precariously on one side and I didn't want to risk harming the slots So the chair sat here, waiting for Walt to get home.

I left a note for Walt when I went off to do an interview last night, saying he and I could struggle with it when I got home, but when I arrived home, he had done it himself.  The chair was all put together and when I sat in it, I informed him I might never move out of there again.

I sank down into the soft, plush pillows and demanded the remote control for the new DVR.  If I could have moved the refrigerator to my side, I wouldn't have to get up ever again.

And when it came time to go to sleep and I covered up with my blanket and reclined the chair all the way to the back, I knew that it had been worth all the trouble to get it here.  It was truly like sleeping on a cloud.

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