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26 April 2005

We've all seen 'em, and if we haven't seen 'em, we're at least familiar with them.  The little car that drives into the middle of the Big Top and begins to eject an amazing number of clowns (for all I know Mary was in one some time).  I've tried to imagine how you take something that small and stuff it with so much.

Kind of like the old "phone booth" stuffing days of old.

That's the situation I find I'm facing at the moment.

Ned and Greg were here yesterday and they moved back the pieces of furniture that I'm "allowing" back into the family room.  I am determined to downsize so am not moving back in.  I am not moving in this, for example.

Room1.gif (23652 bytes)

That is a record cabinet that my father built when I was a kid.  It was designed to hold his 33-1/3 records and the various components to his stereo.   Since his death, it has held all of my scrapbooks (well, all of them that were in the family room), plus a lot of the odd bits of things that had no other home.  We're going to move it upstairs, but there is not one inch of space right now and it's going to take some juggling to figure out where to put it.

I'm also not moving in this cabinet, which was Paul's and after he moved out, got moved into the family room.  It was once filled with videotapes, but also was a good place to stuff something quickly to get it out of sight.

WhiteCab.gif.jpg (72858 bytes)

I'm not moving in this cabinet, which belonged to Gilbert and which was a place to put a lot of videotapes, photos, etc.  (The toy is Sheila's contribution)

GilCab.jpg (111499 bytes)

This cabinet held all of my tupperware and other plastic ware, but it looks terrible and I just don't want to put it back in the brand new family room either.

plastic.jpg (141544 bytes)

CDcase.jpg (32108 bytes)And depending on whether or not we find something we like at Target for holding CDs and keeping them out of view, I may or may not move this back in the room.

I also don't want to put a lot of stuff back on the wall.  I don't need to display the 70 foreign students any more, and I probably don't need to have up the pictures of all the kids when they were little and all performing.  The picture of the Bay Bridge in SF is nice, but it is a sunset picture and the reds and golds don't go with the new blue, so that is not going to move back in.  And once we get the hall painted (which I now can see has to be done soon), I don't want to fill the walls with my teaspoon collection because it will look much lighter and wider if I don't.

Now when you consider that not only were all of these things filled with "stuff," but they also had lots of "stuff" on top of them as well, this leaves me with an obvious dilemma:  How in the world am I going to put all this stuff (see "Photo of the Day") in such a small space?

Yes, the obvious answer is "throw stuff away," which I intend to do.  But there are things that can't be thrown away.  I don't want to just move it all back in haphazardly.  I really want to give some THOUGHT to what I'm keeping and where it's going to go.

This may take awhile.  With luck, I'll be finished by Christmas, but don't hold your breath.

Does this give you a clue about why I'm not really eager to start working on re-doing the living room any time soon?

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(and the above picture was taken AFTER I'd moved all the cookbooks back in.)

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