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24 April 2005

There is a down side to everything, even a beautiful new floor.

The dogs are learning to walk around on it, but it still presents problems.  The biggest problem is that Sheila no longer does her "happy dance" when she's about to be fed. 

It was one of the endearing things I loved about her.  When I go to the food bin, she races over to her food dish, across the room, and sits there, wiggling all over in anticipation, licking her lips, drooling on the floor.  Then, as I begin to carry the bowl over to her, she leaps in the air, turning circles while she's airborn.  She keeps doing it until the bowl get put down.

It must be wonderful to find such unadulterated joy in a bowl of kibble!  Would that I could get that excited about a bowl of Raisin Bran.

When she first came home after the floor was put in, she was confused.  Without the rug, she didn't know where she was going to be fed, so instead of running over to sit down in her usual place, she followed me to the bin.   Her little tail-less butt wiggled when she knew food was at hand, but all four feet stayed firmly planted on the ground.

With each feeding, she has come a bit closer to her usual pattern, though she's still not convinced that the usual place really is the usual place without a rug to mark the boundaries.  She will wiggle her butt and half jump up, but she's still working on that "turn circles in the air" thing because her feet still slip out from under her if she lands wrong.

I'm sure an area rug is in her future. 

I made another trip to Home Depot yesterday.  I'm getting to be such a pro.  I bought a couple of rugs for the kitchen (one for under the sink and dishwasher and one under the stove--the two places where I am the most sloppy and am most likely to attack my poor defenseless beautiful floor)

I also checked out area rugs, since I'd heard that Home Depot had some which were reasonably priced.  In truth, the selection in the cheap section of our local Home Depot did not make my little heart go pitter pat (in truth, even the more expensive rugs didn't grab me), so I may be checking out other venues for area rugs.

But first we have to get the furniture back in the room.  I've moved the things that I can lift (and can get to) back in, but Ned is going to come by on Sunday and we'll move the big pieces back.   Once I see how everything looks on the bare floor, I'll have a better feel for where I want to put rugs.  It would be nice to give the dogs SOMEplace where they can get traction on the floor.

Poor Kimba is used to sitting by the dinner table at night, looking hopeful (she doesn't get fed from the table, but hope springs eternal).  She's always sat so that her feet were on the bare floor, but her butt was on the warmer, softer rug.  Now she's stuck with sitting on the wood floor and continuing to push herself up when her feet start to slip out from under her.

Must be a weird feeling to be a dog and have your world changed so drastically.  The sheer beauty of the new floor has escaped them!  But we're enjoying having a room where you can play shuffleboard.

I'm sure that once we have a rug in some part of the family room, Sheila will get her groove back and begin to do the happy dance again.

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