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20 April 2005

It sounded like a rehab ward around the kitchen this morning, as Walt and I moaned and groaned and held our backs.   After all that stooping and scrubbing yesterday, we were both sore.  He has much greater reason to be sore than I, but I guess if you go proportional to how much work we are used to doing, I earned my right to moan.

I had made "mystery soup" for dinner last night, a mix of the odd bits of meat and veggies I'd found when emptying the freezer (which I later found out I didn't need to do), and also made a loaf of bread in the bread maker, so we had fresh warm bread and soup for dinner and left over bread for breakfast this morning.

Then it was time for the last bits to be done--the remaining furniture moved to the patio in preparation for the arrival of the installers.  Then we stepped back to admire our work:

Floor.jpg (39729 bytes)
(Whoda thunk!!!)

Walt left for work and the installers arrived.  Really nice Russian guys, all friendly and enthusiastic (or as enthusiastic as one can be about a job they probably do every day).  They settled right in and started installing.   We decided not to put the flooring under the stove because it would raise it up above the level of the counter.

My job was just to sit in my office as they hammered and sawed right outside the door (I wished for my old Lawsuit earplugs).

All work came to a stop when the new Pope was announced.  They were probably surprised when my initial reaction to hearing it was the homophobic Cardinal Ratzinger who had become pope was to say "SHIT!"  There will be no married clergy, no female priests, no outreach to the gay community and little progress into the 20th, let alone 21st century during the reign of Pope Benedict XVI.  The only hopeful thing is that the man is 78.  And after all.  I can only hope....  But with this new pope there will be not even an inkling of a temptation for me to return to the Catholic Church.*

Right after Ratzinger was elected pope, Arnold Schwartzenegger called me.   I hung up on him. 

But the work on the floor progressed.

midway1.jpg (58464 bytes)

As I watched it take shape, I got more and more happy with the choice of Pergo for the floor.

MidWay.jpg (54425 bytes)

Home Depot had told me that it would probably take one very long or two shorter days to complete.  But by 10 a.m. (an hour after they arrived), the guys told me it would be finished in 2 hours.  Well, it wasn't quite 2 hours, but they did get it all finished within one day and were out of here by 2:30.

Kimba supervised this job as well.

Kimbahelp2.jpg (63338 bytes)

She did an excellent job.

gal_flabbergasted.gif (8985 bytes) 

Pope Notes...

* From the BBC about Ratzinger long before he became Pope:

To others, he is an intimidating “Enforcer”, punishing liberal thinkers, and keeping the Church in the Middle Ages. […]

While many theologians strive for a Catholic Church that is more open and in touch with the world around it, Ratzinger’s mission is to stamp out dissent, and curb the “wild excesses” of this more tolerant era.

He wields the tools of his office with steely efficiency. By influencing diocese budgets, bishops’ transfers and even excommunications, what an opponent calls “symbolic violence”, Ratzinger has clamped down on the more radical contingent of the Church.

He has even claimed the prime position of the Church of Rome over other Christian Churches. Although he has apologised for this, he has never been so contrite about excluding liberation theologians, more progressive priests or those in favour of the ordination of women.

Fun times ahead.

And one more note:

Ratzinger also was the author of the Church's guidelines on sexual molestation in the Catholic Church.

The 69-page Latin document bearing the seal of Pope John XXIII was sent to every bishop in the world. The instructions outline a policy of 'strictest' secrecy in dealing with allegations of sexual abuse and threatens those who speak out with excommunication.

They also call for the victim to take an oath of secrecy at the time of making a complaint to Church officials. It states that the instructions are to 'be diligently stored in the secret archives of the Curia [Vatican] as strictly confidential. Nor is it to be published nor added to with any commentaries.'

[...] Bishops are instructed to pursue these cases 'in the most secretive way. restrained by a perpetual silence. and everyone. is to observe the strictest secret which is commonly regarded as a secret of the Holy Office. under the penalty of excommunication'."


finished.jpg (48166 bytes)

The stitch isn't exactly accurate, but you get the idea
It's too pretty to put furniture on!

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