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18 April 2005

When I tell the story of what we did this weekend, it can be boiled down to: eat - sleep - eat - sleep - eat again. Of course we did manage to fit in a few other things in between eating and sleeping.

This morning started out, as every morning, in the breakfast room over the make-it-yourself Belgian waffles.

By the time we'd eaten our waffles and visited, we were feeling sleepy, so we came back to our rooms to nap until Rachel and her boyfriend showed up. The plan was to meet in the lobby.

As it turned out, Rachel called instead and suggested that we meet her at Kopperman's Deli for brunch. We hadn't eaten in at least an hour and a half, so we were all ready to eat again.

Over knishes and corned beef and omelettes and potato salad and cole slaw and in don't know what all, we continued our visit, congratulating Rachel on her wonderful directing job and rehashing last night's play.

Proud Mama Susie with Rachel

There was some discussion about what to do after brunch. Will was ready for a nap, but we decided instead to drive to the headquarters of Anheuser-Busch and find out how beer is made. It's actually a fun tour, my favorite part of which was seeing some of the famous Clydesdales, two youngsters in a paddock, and three bigger guys in the stable.

We ended in the tasting room, for beer and pretzels (eating + drinking) and then hurried back to the hotel so we could nap before it was time to eat again.

At 7, we received the call to meet in the lobby again, which we did, and then drove out to Ellie's Italian restaurant for a delicious dinner, watched while watching Godzilla on the big screen.

By the time dinner was over, it was time guessed it...sleep again! Since Will will be leaving for the airport at 4 a.m., we said our goodbyes to him before retiring here to our room, where Walt has dozed off and I am about to do that same thing.

Our plane home tomorrow leaves mid-afternoon, so there will be time to have breakfast with the group (and who knows--maybe fit in a quick nap too!)



I love this photo of the clydesdales behind the tulips.


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