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16 April 2005

I thought about what an exercise in futility it was. I was sitting there in the Texas Roadhouse with our friend Will and eating an onion blossom--one of those huge fried onions, drippng with grease. I had just polished off a home-made roll slathered with butter and was waiting for my big slab of steak with cheese-laden mashed potatoes--and I was taking my cholesterol medication. Fallacy somewhere, I fancy!

We have arrived in St. Louis none the worse for wear. It was a relatively uneventful cossing, as airplane rides go. The only slight blip on an otherwise smooth day was that we touched down in Chicago about 30 minutes before our connecting flight was to take off, so they were already bording the plane. I desperately needed a bathroom and we were seated in the back of the plane we had taken to Chicago. The people ahead of us took forEVER to get off. I'm not sure what they were doing. But they had already boarded the plane when we got into the airport, so Walt went ahead to the gate while I made a mad dash for the nearest ladies' room. However, after that it was another smooth leg, the last 45 minutes to St. Louis.

I had been able to buckle my seatbelt on the flight to Chicago, but on the smaller plane to St. Louis, I needed a belt extender. Some flight attendants can be pretty blatant about handing the fat lady an extension to her seatbelt, but the attendant on this flight was a bit on the chunky side herself and slipped me the extender like we were making a drug deal in a dark alley. I was very appreciative.

We have arrived in St. Louis at a beautiful time of the year. It is spring and the place is ablaze with color. We rented a car and made our way to our hotel--about 30-45 minutes away (with rush hour traffic) and passed through some residential neighborhoods with yards a riot of pinks and purples and incredible dogwood trees all in bloom.

Our hotel is the Best Western Kirkwood Inn, conveniently located near Wal-Mart and across the street from a White Castle, should we want some cheap burgers in the middle of the night.

Will had beaten us in by a couple of hours, so we connected up with him to make dinner arrangements.

We are here for the weekend because Gilbert's great niece is about to graduate from college, a theatre major with emphasis on directing. Tonight is the first production she has directed and it's a Big Deal for her. When her mother, Susie, was in California a month or so ago, we all decided that we would all fly out here to be supportive. Her mother and uncle will arrive this afternoon.

And so we went to the Texas Roundhouse for dinner, the two round people stuffing themselves with fat-laden food while Walt ate his salad and green beans. But it was good!

We were home in time to watch The Apprentice and then to attempt to sleep.

Earlier this week I had reviewed Once Upon a Mattress, the musical version of The Princess and the Pea and I thought about that a lot as I tossed and turned, trying to get some sleep. Hotel beds and I don't get along well. Well, beds and I don't get along well, but especially hotel beds. I tried propping myself up with all the pillows in the room to create enough support for my back, and I was able to get to sleep, but I still awoke at 2 a.m. with stabbing pains in my back. Sometimes I'm able to prop myself up in a room chair, but the chair-ettes here are uncomfortable, and on wheels to boot, so not conducive to becoming makeshift reciners.

I was finally able to get back to sleep and managed to sleep until 5 a.m., which was better than I expected. I may try Tylenol-PM tonight before going to sleep and see if that helps.

Don't know what we're going to do today. The day starts with the "deluxe continental buffet," with Belgian waffles and more cholesterol medication.

I'm really crazy, you know?



Will and friend at the Texas Roadhouse


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