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14 April 2005

It's rough being a dog.   Sheila and Kimba had to make at least 35 trips from the front door to the family room, watching me carry 27 boxes of Pergo flooring and all the stuff that goes with it, from the carport to the family room and stack it so that it can begin to soak up the temperature/air conditions of the house before the installers come on Tuesday.

(I had moved and stacked 5 boxes before I realized -- that early in the process, thank goodness --  that I couldn't stack it on the rug because we have to take the rug up before the installers come.)

Kimba had a particularly difficult time.  For one thing her legs are shorter, and for another she insisted on walking about one inch in front of my feet, so she got stepped on (and yelled at) a lot.

For Sheila, who is used to getting a treat when I go out and when I return, there was the hopeful look each time I approached the door on my way out, and the hopeful look each time I came back in carrying another box of wood.

Yes, the dogs are exhausted.

But the Pergo is all stacked and waiting in great anticipation for Tuesday.

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(see how proud Sheila is of all the work she did?)

Each box weighs 32 lbs, so I'm a little tired too.  I hope I'll be able to stay awake for the dance program I have to review tonight!  And we leave tomorrow morning at 6:30 for our quick weekend in St. Louis.  Jessica will be here taking care of the dogs, and Scott will be here doing touch-up work on the painting.

Scott finished most of the painting in half a day plus a couple of hours the next day.  I absolutely LOVE it.   The blue was a marvelous choice, it doesn't make the room nearly as dark as I feared, and the dark blue is fantastic.  It's almost a shame to put all the furniture back in here.  I'm going to have to pick and choose carefully and throw away a lot.   I definitely want to discard the really ratty pieces of furniture.

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(I should point out that for both of the photos in this entry, I asked Sheila to sit and stay.  She's such a ham that it was easy to keep her in place and as soon as the flash went off and I told her she was a good girl, she was jumping up and turning circles.  I think she's really Ned's dog at heart.)

I think I'm going to go take a nap.

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Life on the farm.  Peggy sent this photo of a newborn lamb, which
had to be delivered by caesarian.  The mother was so weak she couldn't stand
and had to be killed. They hoped to at least save her baby.
Unfortunately, the baby was too weak and did not make it, even though
it was nearly full term at the time it was delivered.


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