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13 April 2005

Let's see....

The guy in charge knowingly allows pedophiles to roam freely among his parishes, allowing them to work with children, moving them to new parishes when they are discovered, allowing them to continue abusing children.

They all get caught with their pants down, so to speak.

The guy spends time defending his priests, his actions, his church.

Ultimately it looks like the law is going to close in, so the guy sends the bulk of his wealth to Big Daddy at the Vatican so that the kids who have been harmed by his actions and the actions of those pedophiles under his control won't be able to seek restitution for the damage that was done to them.

Then the guy slinks out of the United States, under a shroud of disgrace to the sound of angry parishioners demanding his resignation, and takes up residence at the Vatican, the site of papal opulence, and is given a position of honor and now he is given the special honor to say a special public Mass in honor of the beloved deceased pontiff???

And homosexuality is intrinsically evil? Homosexuals are "self-indulgent" individuals who "threaten the lives and well-being of a large number of people"? 


If there is anything good about this Cardinal Law debacle it is that (some) Catholics all over the United States are irate and perhaps a bit of the veneer is being chipped off of that holier than thou bastian of hypocrisy. 

At the same time that the despicable Cardinal Law is being honored by the Catholic church, Judge Richard Kramer, who recently issued the historic decision that it is against California's state constitution to deny civil marriage license to gay and lesbian couples is now under 24/7 protection by bodyguards because of the death threats and hate mail he has been receiving.  Death threats and hate mail for saying that all people, gay or straight, should have equal civil rights. 

I received a letter, forwarded through PFLAG, which is asking for support for Judge Kramer.  Because it asks that I share this information with others, I am posting the meaty part of the letter here, and you can follow your own conscience in how to respond.

According to a good friend of mine who speaks with Judge Kramer regularly, Judge Kramer is depressed that mail against his decision outnumbers mail in favor by a ratio of 10 to 1. He is depressed because he is bathing daily in a bath of vituperation and hatred. He is depressed because the people who oppose his decision are not interested in the rule of law but the rule of ideologies and emotions.

So I am asking you a favor: Please take out your pen - yes, your pen, I ask for your hand in this - and write Judge Kramer a brief note of support.

If you live out of state, explain how it might touch and affect you to know that a California judge has had the courage to interpret the law scrupulously and in accordance with the evidence and our fundamental principles of equal justice for all, as our system requires.

Please note that Judge Kramer is known to be a conservative and prudent jurist. He is a married Catholic and a Republican, and was appointed to the bench by a Republican. So it is difficult to write off his opinion as one biased by a liberal or personal agenda.

And please, forward this email on to your own list, and ask your friends and colleagues to write as well.

If we do not support and defend people who act with integrity and stand up for what is right, who will?

Your letter should be sent to:

Judge Richard Kramer
400 McAllister Street
San Francisco, CA 94102-4514

There is something wrong about a world where a person like Cardinal Law can be sheltered, and honored by the Catholic church, but a judge who does nothing more than interpret the rule of law gets death threats.

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After the problems of the night before, we moved a recliner out
into the front hall last night and I slept 8 hours!


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