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12 April 2005

I sat down at the kitchen table--about the only piece of furniture left in the family room--and wondered if I should butter my morning toast with a regular knife or a putty knife.

Spread across the table in front of me was an eclectic assortment of things that included, in addition to my plate of toast, my coffee, and some pill bottles, a couple of paint stirrers, a hammer, a can of spackle, cleaning rags, paint chips, and a vat of honey that someone gave to Walt, which I still have not found a place for.  Talk about one stop shopping!

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Walt and I had a weird day yesterday.  He was alternately scrubbing floors and working on taxes.  I was alternately scrubbing walls, vacuuming cobwebs and transcribing.  The dogs are very confused.  Kimba didn't know where to sleep when her bed was in the middle of the room (where it had been moved so that Ned and Greg could move the TV out), but did finally climb into it when I put it back up against the wall. 

Sheila sat there trying to make heads or tails out of what was going on.   She never really settled in anywhere until I was in my office, when she would fall asleep at my feet, finding, at last, a familiar place.

At the end of the day, the room had begun to acquire that "echo-y" sound of a completely empty room.  We left in one end table to put a lamp on (since there are no built-in ceiling lights) and the kitchen table, but otherwise, it was pretty bare.

Sheila was thrilled when I climbed the stairs to actually sleep in bed for a change.  I had moved into the recliner when Jed, Leo and Toby joined the family, since I had to get up every 2 hours with them for the first few days.  I just never stopped sleeping there.

But whereas the guest room bed used to be kind to my back and one of the few beds I could sleep in comfortably, that was not the case this time.  I tossed and turned and woke several times trying to find a way to be comfortable.  I finally got up at 5 a.m., back aching, and limped downstairs to get some aspirin.

The thought of doing this every night for the next two weeks does not thrill me.  I may actually set up the recliner inside the front door at night.   Not exactly a convenient arrangement, or easy to set up, but at least I know I'd sleep comfortably, which would make me a much happier person in the morning.

So, sleep-deprived and achy, I settled in on the only available chair, the uncomfortable desk chair in my office, and waited to hear from Scott.  We had no formal arrangement about when he would begin working, only that he had promised to finish before the floor guys arrived. 

Though I have been known to spend 7 days in a row in the house without ever leaving, suddenly, there were half a dozen things I wanted to do, but didn't dare start because Scott might call.

I finally called and left a message for him, asking that we set up a kind of schedule so I could make my own plans accordingly (for one thing I need to get down to the newspaper office and pick up my invitation to a special press opening performance of The Lion King).  Then I settled in to wait some more.

Noon came and went and still no word from Scott, so I was concerned that maybe he wouldn't get started until later on in the week, but at 1 p.m. there he was, toolbox in hand, ready to start.  He finished off what we didn't finish--removing the baseboards, taking down the overhead lights, etc.

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He feels he'll be finished before we leave for St. Louis, which would be wonderful, because then we could leave Sheila at home while we're gone.

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I know redecorating pictures aren't nearly as cute as puppy pictures,
but you have to work with what you have!


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