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11 April 2005

Well, there is good news to report.

Remember all those relatives of Nigerian potentates, all those who had hidden away zillions of dollars that they were willing to share with all of us if we'd just send them our banking information?

I was really getting worried about the country of Nigeria.  There were so many people with access to untold riches, that it was no wonder the country was having financial problems.

However, the United States has come to the rescue. 

Today, Mr. Wang Qin from a Hong Kong bank wrote to me.  It appears that it's now the relatives of potentates who were killed in the Iraqi war who have zillions of dollars to share with me if I'll just send them my banking information.

Yes, WMD has been discovered in Iraq after all -- weapons of mass deception.  I'm so glad to see that all those Nigerians were able to escape their country and take up positions of power in Iraq.   At least that's what I assume has happened.

I was considering writing to Mr. Qin but then decided I wasn't going to be greedy.  I have no need of zillions of dollars (at least not until the bill for the paint and floor is due), so I'll let you guys get the first crack at it.

If you'd like Mr. Qin's e-mail address so you can send him your banking information, just let me know.

You know, this scam has been around for so long I can only guess that SOMEONE must be responding to it, but it's sure hard to believe there are people that stupid in the world!  But I guess it only takes one gullible person to make all this scamming worthwhile, and there are innocents cautiously stepping out onto the Internet superhighway every day.

Steve's brother once decided to play along and see how far he could get.  He responded to the writer in kind, tossing out the right Biblical quotations and solicitous questions.  The scam artist actually responded to two of his messages (I just tried to find them, but was unable to) until he figured out he was being strung along. 

I guess people really don't have anything better to do!

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We've made fantastic progress getting ready for Scott to come and start painting.  I finished washing the walls.  Walt took over doing the edges of the floor because I can't get down on my knees, so he was down on the floor with a scrub brush getting all the grit and grime of 30 years removed from the edges of the floor, where it meets the wall.

I've removed the curtains which, amazingly, did NOT disintegrate into shreds when I touched them (tho I don't dare wash them--we're going to get vertical blinds, I think).

We took off the door to the "hobbit hole," the little half-closet under the stairs.  The closet has been covered up by a cabinet for years and we didn't know what we'd find in there.  Jeri was curious so I sent her a picture of what we found when we opened it up:

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"Hey!  My unicorn!  My donut machine!  My framed photos of SCT days!" she wrote.  Treasures unearthed.  I asked her if I should save them for her and her initial thought was that it would be nice to have the photos again and that she recognized something else in there...but then, stronger than I, she decided to let it all go.

Walt was amazed that there was absolutely no dust in the closet.  He expected to find dust or critters or something in there, but it was like it had been hermetically sealed.  We still haven't investigated what's in the boxes, but I'm inclined to just take it all out to the trash on Tuesday and not tempt myself.   (Practically, I know that won't happen, but still--what a nice thought!)

Ned and his friend Greg came today to move the last of the heavy stuff into the living room.  I no longer have a recliner.  We have no TV to sit around (though I have one here in my office).  When we next are able to relax in the family room, it will be in the new family room.  I can hardly wait!

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Sheila and Kimba were great help

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Probably violates all sorts of health codes,
but the only place to put the water cooler for the nonce
is in the guest bathroom.

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