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9 April 2005

Ned was here yesterday.   He and Walt moved all the large furniture pieces out of the family room and into the living room.  The only thing left that needs help to be moved is the TV and the recliners--and we'll wait to do that on Sunday, so we can still watch TV before Scott starts painting!

My lord do we have a lot of crap. 

There is a dresser in the family room.  Why, you ask?  Well, because it belonged to Gilbert and there was no place else to put it.  It holds all of my t-shirts (never realized I had so many, most of which no longer fit).  Ned removed the drawers so they could move it empty and then put the drawers back in after it was in the living room.  It's fair to say that the dresser has not been moved since we put it into the family room in 1986.  I have been able to vacuum up to the edge of the thing, but not under it.

Ned and the dogs found thirty tennis balls under there!  Kimba and Sheila looked like they'd found Disneyland, rummaging around for toys, and leftover pieces of long-ago lost bones in among the flock of dust bunnies (not cute little dust bunny rabbits, but humongous dust jackrabbits).   Kimba couldn't resist getting into the dresser to check out the goodies.

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Then Walt and Ned started hauling stuff into the living room.  I'd been dragging stuff in there all week, lining all the walls so that there was room for the actual furniture in the middle.  It's amazing how much we were able to fit in there, leaving room for the TV to be moved on Sunday (after which we'll have no TV in the family room until the floor is finished) and then the recliners before we leave for St. Louis.   I will probably be pretty much living in my office for several days, I suspect!

Walt and Ned worked efficiently and got it all done in record time.

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As soon as all the furniture had been moved in, I had flat surfaces again, so I was able to move in all the things that I hadn't packed into boxes, and now it looks like the furniture has been there forever, with all the glassware and junk on it.

During the clean-out process I found a lot of dishes and glassware I know I'll never need/use, so I put a notice in the YoloFreecyclers mailing list and by the time Walt and Ned had gone back to work, a woman showed up to cart off all the things I wanted to get rid of.  Now if I could only do that with about 90% of the rest of this stuff!!

We still have wall-fixing (patching, washing) to do over the weekend, but I think we're in good shape.  My big worry was what to do with Sheila.  Scott will be here painting and we'll be in St. Louis.  The wonderful Ashley, she of the puppies, volunteered to keep her for about a week.  She'll pick her up on Wednesday and return her after the floor is put in.  Kimba can stay here and the wonderful Jessica will come and feed her, so it appears that the dogs are taken care of.

Now I just have to wash walls and buy paint.  I don't know if the colors are going to show true here, but I think this is the combination we've chosen

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I'm a little nervous that the light blue is going to be too dark, but when I put the ligher blue next to the dark, I didn't like it as much.  I suspect that when we get home from St. Louis and walk into the empty, painted room, it's definitely going to be a shock!

Owell--at least it will be clean and fresh looking!

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There's just barely enough room to move the remaining furniture in on Sunday.

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