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6 April 2005

It appears to be a done deal.   No turning back now.

We went to Home Depot to meet with my now good friend Joel and go over the estimate for our new flooring and sign the papers. 

We really kind of lucked out on this deal.  In the first place, when I ordered the Pergo, it was on sale.  Then Home Depot is running a deal where you get 10% off on your order (up to $200) if you get one of their credit cards.  Heck, we can do that!

So we had an additional $200 taken off the bill by getting a Home Depot card (which we probably will not use for anything other than this one purchase).  And just for the icing on the cake, right now it is an interest-free charge for 12 months, so we can take a year to pay for it without incurring any finance charges.

redoak.jpg (9871 bytes)Can't really do better than that unless they decided to throw free installation in with the order (which, alas, they did not).

This is the color we chose, by the way.  It's "red oak," one of the darker shades.  I think it will look very nice.

While were waiting for my friend Joel to be free to help us, we wandered around looking at paint chips.  Kind of exciting thinking that this project is really underway.

I found some nice blue combinations, and had fun playing with their computerized program that helps you choose the paint, and will "paint a room" for you so you can see how it is going to look.  I really, really liked the combination it came up with, slightly different than I would have chosen, but it looked very nice.

My friend Joel (who looks very much like a used car salesman) took us up to the lovely Nicole who helped us fill out the paperwork for the credit card.

Credit.jpg (82654 bytes)When Walt had finished filling out all the information, Nicole took it off to get an approval and a credit limit for us.

She came back astonished.  She said "Boy, you have great credit."  She said that the biggest credit limit she'd ever seen before was $10,000, but that we were approved for $15,000 credit.  She then said that if she were approved for $15,000 credit, she'd go wild with purchases. 

Which is, I guess, why so few people have that large a credit limit.  From the way that Joel patiently explained the "no interest" policy to us and reminded us several times that if we didn't pay off the bill by the 12th month we would have to pay interest for the entire 12 months on the unpaid balance, I gathered that his usual customers were not the sort of people who are used to paying off their credit card bills in full each month.

We left  Home Depot feeling very good.  The floor had been ordered, the paint had sort of been chosen, and we're really under way (we'd better be, with all those books in the living room already!).

I came home and sent out an SOS to the SPCA, hoping that someone will be willing to take Sheila for a couple of days, 'cause there ain't NO way that anybody could spend 2 days laying a floor with Sheila in the house.  If worse comes to worse, we'll find a kennel and board her, but I'm hoping we won't have to do that.

LATE BREAKING NEWSThe installers could install the floor this Friday, but I held them off for a couple of weeks.  The install date is April 18.  Home Depot told me it would take 2 days.  He thinks he might be able to get it done in a day.  Holy Cow.  This is really going to HAPPEN!

AND, carried away on a wave of enthusiasm and a cloud of "omigawd can we get the painting done in time?" I contacted Scott, the guy who did the bathroom.   He came, gave me a very reasonable quote for doing the room, including spray painting that godawful textured ceiling and promises that it can be finished before the 18th.  So I hired him.  Between now and Sunday, we have to finish clearing out the room, patch the holes, and wash the walls.  He starts next week.

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This is kind of fun.  It's a map of the neighborhood where I grew up.  When you run your mouse over the picture, you can see notes I've put in, which pinpoint a few of the high points.


Berklee Music Mugs

Photo I took for Flickr--two mugs that Jeri sent us when she was attending
Berklee College of Music (now she teaches there!)


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