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2 April 2005

It came much sooner than I expected.  It was an e-mail from Ashley that arrived Thursday at noon.

I would like to pick the puppies up tomorrow around 11am.  Does that work for you guys?

Pick them up?  You mean it's time to let them go already?  I thought I had them until April 5.  Maybe it's all an April Fools joke.

I started crying as soon as I received the e-mail and that's when I knew I would never do this again.

I want to keep them.  Both of them.   I know I can't keep either of them and that it's time for them to find nice families of their own, but I walked out into the kitchen and saw Demmie curled up on the blanket on the floor, his paw on top of Hammie, and the tears came faster.  I love that little guy. 

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He's going to be a big problem for someone.   He wants to chew the chair.  He wants to chew my slippers and my shoes.   He doesn't want to stay in a cage.  He wants to attack dogs bigger than he is.

He wants to cuddle. He wants to lick my nose and bury his head in the crook of my arm and nibble on my fingers.

I know that Hammie won't be waddling across the floor at top speed for much longer.  His legs will grow and he'll be a "puppy," not just a baby.  And I won't be there to see it.

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Maybe they'll grow into pit bulls that I would worry about all the time.  Worry that my sweet babies might become one of those horrible dogs that you read about all the time.  Whose owners claim "they are just so sweet--I never dreamed they'd hurt anybody." They need somebody who can give them one-to-one attention and make sure they stay sweet dogs.

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Sheila needs more one-to-one attention than I've been giving her because I've been laughing with delight over the antics of the puppies.

Walt became very close to these puppies and announced that he was going to take Friday off work so he could play with the puppies until Ashley came.

I let them stay in the family room all night, instead of locking them in the kitchen, because it was their last night.  They didn't poop at all, but went into the kitchen to do it.  When I woke up in the morning, Demmie was on his back between Sheila's paws and they were playing with each other.

It was difficult when Demmie begged to be picked up and then took his favorite perch at the back of my head and started eating my hair.  As much as that bugs me, I will miss that little monkey on my back.

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I can think of a dozen other things I could be doing right now.

Ashley showed up, as promised, shortly after 11 a.m.  I already had all their stuff packed and waiting for her.  The puppies trotted out to meet her and she was pleased to see how at home they were with Sheila.

Taking them out to the van was very hard.  But they joined a cage full of their siblings

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From looking at these guys, especially the little white one in the back, I think there is no question whatsoever that Daddy had some (or a lot) Pit Bull in him.

Sadly, we put Demetrius and Hamilton in the cage with their siblings and they are now on their way to their new foster home, and will be put up for adoption very soon.

Sigh.  It was really fun.  And I'll never do it again.  It just hurts too much.

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Good bye, puppies!

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