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29 September 2004

I’ve mentioned before that I use Mail Washer to pre-screen email and delete the spam before it ever comes to my computer. On my 3 days away to New York, I came home to about 625 pieces of spam, 200 personal emails (most from groups, not to me personally), and a note from my provider that my email box was full and to delete some stuff.

I answered the provider that I had not put the mail on hold because the last time I tried that (when I went to Australia), it took two weeks before they actually DID it and I kept getting threatening letters about the amount of mail that was in my e-mail box. I didn’t want to go through that for just a 3 days trip.

I hate spam.

Mostly, MailWasher does a good job and I’m able to delete almost all of it so I don’t have to deal with it on my own computer. I can do it without reading the messages or seeing the graphics (something I can’t do on Outlook Express), which is a great plus

Occasionally, however, after I’ve deleted all the spam messages and the messages I don’t want to bring to my computer and then log in to receive the rest, I happen to cross with whenever a spammer is sending out e-mail and so some of this stuff sneaks in without my knowledge.

This entry was prompted by one such message that I received this morning. If you are offended by strong language, avert your eyes for the next paragraph.

This one was entitled "Great incest site with totally new content" and the message read: "Dads Will do what they want to do. Noone will stop them! No matter whether their Poor Daughters want it or not - they will be Fucked Like Bitches!"

Who are these sick people? I absolutely hate that the Internet has given an open door to any weirdo with bizarre sexual fantasies--or worse, bizarre sexual practices and a camera--to assault any person in the world whether they are into this sort of stuff or not.

(I almost find more offensive the fact that none of them know anything about grammar at all.)

I’m all for free speech, but I also think there should be freedom to pick and choose the speech one wants to hear. It may be an infringement on someone’s right to free speech to prevent them from posting this sort of garbage, but surely I have some right to privacy and not being forced to see or read this stuff. The internet has taken away my right to decide whether I want to be assaulted by pornographic messages and/or photographs or not.

(Worse, it has taken away the right of parents to decide whether their children should be exposed to it.)

Sometimes the messages that sneak through my screen involve extremely graphic photos. I don’t consider myself a prude at all, but do I have to see up close and personal photos of body parts I’d rather not see that up close and personal--especially when they are attached to a perfect stranger?

I worked for a year for Dr. G and have probably seen more female body parts than the average run of the mill housewife and I didn’t shrink from that exposure. In fact, becoming aware of the vast diversity of the female anatomy was kind of interesting. However, that doesn’t mean that I want to find some woman spread-eagle across my computer screen.

Yes, there are spam catchers (that you can pay for), and firewalls and all sorts of protections you can take, but I strongly resent that I have to go out and pay money to make sure that I don’t get some pornography in my personal e-mail, pornography that I have never indicated I want.

When it was just potentates and former staff members of potentates from African countries offering to make me rich beyond my wildest dreams, it was kind of funny (though surely by now I’ve heard from every single living person in Nigeria), but spam has gone from a minor annoyance into a major headache.

I vacillate back and forth about using my gmail account. The most appealing part of using basykes(at)gmail(dot)com is that it’s a blissfully spam-free zone, at least until the spammers find a way to interpret text e-mail addresses into real e-mail addresses.

In the meantime, for all those spammers out there, be aware that I am appalled by incest and have no desire to see faux fathers in sexual encounters with faux daughters. I don’t want to meet bored horny housewives or see anything having to do with use of the fist. Just go away and leave me alone!

Website of the Day

I think it was Robyn whose link led me to Dooce.  Dooce is a marvelous writer and this is another entry which is priceless.

Pandionna also has a marvelous entry about John Kerry that everyone needs to read.

And check out Hold Them Accountable and the latest news from Baghdad, in Bagdad Burning.


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