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I'm back and that damn Green Monster is still teasing me.  One of these days, I'll actually catch it.

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28 September 2004

I had three things on my schedule for today, and managed to get them all done.   Brilliantly, if I do say so myself.

First, I was going to take Sheila to the dog park.

Second, I was going to unpack and do laundry.

Third, I was going to vegetate.

It's nice when you have a list and can check things off as you manage to finish them.

Actually, there were really four things.  The fourth was to finish writing an article for the paper about the theatre awards that were presented the night before.   My editor knew that I wouldn't be able to make the ceremonies--it's difficult to transport from an airplane somewhere over Kansas--so I had the committee send me a list of winners before the awards were given out.

Before I left for New York, I got the article written and only needed to wait until the announcements were made so I could add a comment by the winner.  Unfortunately for the company that was nominated for 16 awards, they only won one.  But it was fortunate for me because that meant I only had to interview one person.  Piece o'cake.  I managed to get the article finished and sent off before The Today Show was over, which left only items 1, 2, and 3 on the list to finish.

Sheila had a wonderful time at the park.  I don't know if she got there while we were away.  I suspect not because our dog sitter's dog has hip problems and can't really get too excited, so she hasn't been able to let him run at the dog park.  So Sheila was just beside herself when I started going through the usual routine before going to the park--get dressed, put on shoes, get keys, get wallet, and pick up leash.

By the time we got to the leash, she was fairly bouncing around the house like she was on springs.

But she knows that we don't leave until she sits quietly to have her leash put on and then sits quietly (albeit impatiently) by the front door until I open it.

Kayla was at the park today.  A new dog to us.  My favorite kind of dog--the kind that loves to race around the park, has no "dominance" issues, and with whom Sheila seems to bond, so all she wants to do is run with the other dog.  It doesn't always work like that.  There are some dogs she isn't in the least interested in running with, and some dogs she runs with, but it turns into a mini-battle over territorial rights.  But she and Kayla were perfectly suited and they got some good exercise.

Then there was The Green Monster to chase.

And finally we played fetch.  Yes--fetch.  I don't know what clicked in that little doggie brain of hers, but I took the ball and threw it, she chased it and then brought it back.  And when I said "drop it," she dropped it. 

Hardly daring to believe my luck, I threw it again.  Again she ran after it and brought it back and dropped it.

The game continued for a good 15 minutes until Sheila was so tired she did something she's never done at the dog park.  She dropped to the ground and just lay there panting. 

Now that's my kind of game!!!

Finally, laundry done, article written, Sheila exercised, I was able to turn my attention to the last thing on the list:  vegetating. 

I was finally able to watch the last half of "Lost," the first half of premier episode of which I had watched just before leaving for the airport.  This seems to be a better-than-average addition to the television season and if the subsequent episodes are as good as the first, I will probably be hooked.

Oh yeah--I also had to vacuum.

Sheila had not eaten any furniture in our absence, but just before we left, she had begun tearing up one of her stuffed toys, which had developed a tear and began leaking stuffing.

By the time we were ready to leave for the airport, she had made a pretty good mess of the toy and the family room.  I decided to just leave it, my theory being that if she felt like tearing up something, she might just continue with the toy and leave the furniture alone.

I don't know if that happened or if she just has passed beyond her "chewing the furniture" stage, but when we came home, the stuffing of the toy was still spread everywhere and the furniture had been left alone.

Stuffedtoy.jpg (64773 bytes)

So I managed to get that all vacuumed up before Walt got home from work (I didn't want to overdo...but I figured that within 8+ hours, I could probably handle vacuuming the family room floor along with all the other strenuous things I already had on my list!

Now we come to the end of the first day back and it's nice to know that I have accomplished everything that I set out to accomplish.

Every day should be so productive!



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It's nice that some traditions continue.   Sort of.
In Times Square, there used to be a poster of a man smoking
a Lucky Strike cigarette and blowing the smoke out into the square. 
It was famous for many years.  Obviously now there are no smoking signs,
but instead we have a steaming cup of noodles.


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