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28 October 2004

How do you know when you're grown up? 

Does having 61 candles on your birthday cake, a bunch of adult children, a paid mortgage, and a driver's license make you grown up?

I think not.

Today I proved that I am not safe to be let out in public and that left to my own devices, I'd be out on the streets in no time.

Today I decided to pay my Master Card bill.

Good Bev.  Pay on time.  Pay the full amount.  Responsible adult.

There wasn't quite enough in my checking account to cover the full bill, so I did a telephone transfer of some money--more than I needed--from my savings account to my checking account.

I have become professional at making these transfers over the phone, and paying my Master Card bill on line.  I don't ever have to leave the house.

Only there was a problem.

When I made the transfer and the nice computerized operator told me the balance in my checking account, it was significantly less than I expected it to be.  I mean significantly.


Just two weeks ago, Peggy had transferred some money to me via Pay Pal to pay some money she owes me and the amount transferred from PayPal to my checking account was more than my balance now was--and my balance had been fairly healthy before that deposit.

Could it be...identity theft?   Had my naivete in ordering from Amazon and eBay and electronics companies finally caught up with me?  Could someone have tapped into my own meagre finances?

It was too late to call the office to check on what happened, so I tried doing it all by telephone teller.  I checked on the last five transactions and there it was--the missing amount had been removed from my checking account.

I haven't written a check in 2 months and I certainly would have remembered that amount.  But I checked my check book.   There was no check in that amount.

I called the telephone teller again and tried to make sense of all the numbers the computerized operator was throwing at me.  There seemed to be a disconnect in my brain and I wasn't processing it all correctly.  (I began to understand what my aunt Barb meant, in the years before she finally crossed over that place where Alzheimers victims go, when she told me that there was something wrong with her brain.)

Then I realized I could check my account on line.  I am more a visual, rather than an aural person.  So I went on line and checked my checking balance. 

There it was.  Big chunk o'money deducted from my account.

It looked like an ATM withdrawal.  But you can't withdraw that much from the ATM.  But it indicated it was an electronic withdrawal.  Had someone been able to call the telephone teller and move money out of my account?

I was very confused.

Then I started looking at the dates.

Wait a minute.

This withdrawal was made today.

What the....?

Then came the a-ha moment.  (you're way ahead of me, aren't you?)

Yes, I hadn't transferred funds from my savings account to my checking account.  I had transferred funds from my checking account to my savings account.


I swear, sometimes I really wonder about me.   I mean, I give the impression (well, at least to people who don't know me very well) that I'm a fairly intelligent, competent, capable person.

And then I do something stupid like this.

Amazing how much healthier my checking account looked once I'd transferred the money back--and then the amount I'd originally meant to transfer from savings.

Crisis averted.

Credit card paid.

Bev slinks off, red-faced.

Website of the Day

Andrew Sullivan, said he never thought, as a conservative, that he would support Kerry, but like many conservatives, he realizes that Bush is a total disaster as a President.   Here are his reasons.


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