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20 October 2004

"Do you have any articles you want to write?" she asked me.


Heck, I don't even know what's going on, much less what we should be writing about.

Last night I attended my second meeting of the newsletter committee for the local SPCA.

Some time back, I'd volunteered to be a photographer for the group, since I noticed that the photos they had for the dogs and cats up for adoption were frequently not very good and I thought they could use someone with a better camera.

Since that time I've gone two three placement days and taken photos, some of which have been used.

But an acquaintance has been very, very heavily involved with the SPCA for a long time and she knew that I could write, so she invited me to a meeting for their newsletter committee.

I've been looking around for something to get involved with around here, and with Sheila coming from the SPCA and all that, it looked like a good group.

So I went to that newsletter meeting.  Everyone was very nice and friendly, but I didn't have a clue what was going on.  They were talking about this and that program, about this and that procedure, about this and that volunteer.  Interesting, but very little I could personally relate to and not really anything I could contribute to yet.

But they asked me to write an article about volunteers, which I did.  I went down to a placement day with my camera, interviewed a lot of the volunteers, wrote an article and submitted it with photos and I guess it was printed (I haven't seen it yet, but they say it was.)

I wasn't able to make the second meeting because I was down in San Luis Obispo playing with Lynn, but last night was the third meeting and I attended again.

It was really fun because it was at the home of one of the women, a woman who has been fostering Sheila's puppy (who found a home just two days ago, so I didn't get to see him--Kim said she and her husband cried when they turned Hamilton over to his new family).

But she has three dogs of her own, a big blob of a dog who is part Sharpei and part Rodesian Ridgeback.  She describes him as shaped like one of those cork animals you make by sticking toothpick legs on a big round cork body.  To call Rex "mellow" is an understatement. 

jack.jpg (30291 bytes)Then they have Hobbs, this adorable little wirehair terrier, and a spaniel mix named Dave.   Of course I loved being around all those dogs and while the committee again discussed things I didn't have a clue about, I sat there watching the dogs.

Until I got asked about what article I thought should be included in the next newsletter.  I know my friend is just trying to get me involved, but really--I haven't SEEN any of the past newsletters, I don't know what is usually included, I don't know any of the people, I don't know what sorts of services are offered, or advice given.  I'm willing to learn more about all these things, but I'm certainly not at a stage where I can offer suggestions, much less write an in-depth article about anything.

Then they started discussing which volunteer should be spotlighted this month and batting around names of people who had been working for awhile.  "Unless you want to be spotlighted," my friend said.

I told her that before I felt I could be spotlighted, I should actually do something for the SPCA!!

It ended up that I'll write a brief "happy placement" article about Sheila and I'll work with the newsletter editor on proofreading the final copy and that seems about right for my level of expertise at present, though I really do want to get more involved, now that I'm a dog park Mom and all that.

So the whole thing meant that I had a nice dinner, got to listen to some nice people talk about nice animals, and I got to play with some nice dogs.

But the highlight of the evening was Panda.  Panda is a 6 week old border colllie puppy that one of the women is fostering part time, which she brought with her.  He's actually being fostered by three different families and all three of them have a different name for him--but Panda fits him perfectly.  He's round and black and white and roly poly.

panda2.jpg (23299 bytes)

He's also blind.

He was dropped off at the local shelter and nobody knows what happened to him, but he had serious head injuries, determined to be a concussion.  His jaw had been injured so he couldn't eat and they figure that whatever happened had caused damage to his optic cortex, because his eyes are otherwise fine.

Watching this little guy was so much fun.  He has this adorable little face

panda1.jpg (33477 bytes)

and he would run around in circles, bumping into things (but then learning where they were so he would walk around them the next time he came to them).  He played with toys and when someone talked with him, he'd make this little jump into the air trying to find the sound.

But he didn't like being held at all.  The woman who is caring for him thinks that maybe he was dropped by someone and so it scares him when he's picked up because he feels out of control.  If you hold him (I didn't), he begins waving his feet wildly and struggling to get free and if you continue to hold him, he begins to howl in protest.

panda4.jpg (28779 bytes)

Someone at one point joked that I might like to become a foster family.   I can see that would be a very. bad. idea.  Our hostess's three dogs were all at one time foster dogs that she was caring for.  I'd have a difficult time giving any of them up--especially a cute little puppy like this.

But the night wasn't a total loss.  The hostess and her husband have no children so she says that their dogs are their kids and she passed around Christmas pictures, with the dogs wearing antlers or Santa hats or something.  Very cute.   I'm wondering if I can get Sheila and Kimba to sit still long enough to have a photo taken....

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