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19 October 2004

My mother spent the night last night and in the morning she and Walt went to Mass while I took Sheila to the dog park.  Lots of dogs for a grey, drizzly Sunday morning.   Sheila had a really good time running around with all of her buddies and some new ones she hadn't met yet.

After Mass, Walt and my mother came over to the park to watch for awhile, and then we all headed home, where I whipped up a breakfast for the lot of us.

When the kitchen had been cleaned, my mother and I went in to Sacramento to pick up two of my cousins and we went off to the Alzheimers' facility to have a little visit with Barb.

She was in bed when we got there, and slow to come to awareness that we were all there to visit her.  We sat in the community room (which is also the dining room) and had a brief visit, while watching the Jets creep up and ultimately pass the 49ers.

Barb is in "another place" now, as they keep reminding me.  She still recognizes some people (I don't think she recognizes me some of the time), but doesn't remember anybody's name and can't retain anything you've told her for more than a few seconds.  They haven't told her my uncle died because she would grieve, but then 5 minutes later would have to be told again, so when she asks, the story is that he's not well and is in Arizona with their son.  She seems to have stopped asking about him.

Lunch was about to be served, so we said our goodbyes and returned to Peach's house for a cup of coffee and then more goodbyes as we headed back to Davis and my cousin Kelly and her husband prepared to drive back to Carson City (Nevada), after buying chains for their car, because it had turned from summer to winter in the 2 days they were gone, and it was snowing going over the pass.

My mother and I stopped at Sizzler for a lunch that was so huge it easily lasted me for both lunch and dinner.

We got to Davis around 3 p.m. and as I prepared to drive up to our house, I was met by a police blockade.  Beyond the blockade, right at our house, was a huge truck and a lot of greenery.

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As the weather has dropped 20 degrees in the past two days, the famous fall winds have whipped up and our neighbor's huge eucalyptus tree had cracked and it fell on top of the tree in our front yard, cracking a huge branch of that tree, which now rested, half in our yard and half in the neighbor's yard.

Since the neighbor's tree had been a city tree, i.e., the city had planted it many years ago, the city was responsible for its maintenance and so the truck was cutting up the eucalyptus and grinding it into fodder (presumably to spread on the dirt over at the temporary dog park!)

P1000201a.jpg (47705 bytes)

We had to park my mother's car half a block away, which meant that we couldn't load all of the stuff we were going to send home with her to the thrift shop where she works (stuff that had belonged to Walt's mother, which has filled our living room ever since she moved to Santa Barbara).

I spoke with the city crew and asked if they could cut off the branch on our tree that had cracked, which they did.  When they left, I was pleased to see how nicely shaped the tree looked, surprisingly.  (Walt later said it was a limb he had been meaning to cut off anyway.)

It's nice when God does your pruning for you!

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The neighbors were outside surveying the damage.  They felt they'd been very lucky.  When the limb fell, it missed the brick around their front yard, it missed the house, and it missed their truck in the driveway.  Only a part of the tree broke off, though, and now they are worried, with the continuing high winds, that the rest of it might break off and come crashing down into their bedroom.

The city crew is going to come and haul away the big sections of the tree trunk that they cut up.  I told the neighbors that if they were smart, they'd rescue them and go into the business of making tables out of tree stumps!

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It must be fall...the Canada geese are flying around in v-formation.
(though in this photo they are actually headed north, stupid geese!)

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