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2 October 2004

I never thought I would let a dog run my life.

mommax.jpg (30483 bytes)My mother had a dog named Max for many years.  A little daschund who was the most spoiled dog I'd ever met (until now).  Max had his schedule and one dare not veer off the schedule.  At 9 (or 10) each night my mother had to get up and make herself an ice cream cone.  Max would wait until it got down to the very end of the cone because he knew he would get the cone, broken into 4 small pieces.

At 11 he was ready for bed, and if my mother didn't go to bed, Max would whine until she got up and pulled the covers back for him so he could go to sleep.

And so it went.  She couldn't go away overnight because Max was waiting.  Max needed this.  Max needed that.  I always felt that if there were such a thing as reincarnation, I wanted to come back as my mother's dog.

I would never let a dog run my life like that.

Famous last words.

All of our dogs up until now have really been family dogs, except for Kimba who is kind of a boarder here and never really "belonged" to anybody (tho she thinks she's my dog).  Sheila is the first dog who came into the house as "my" dog, though Walt is finally warming to her.

This morning, as I was hiding out in the bathroom so Sheila wouldn't notice I was getting dressed, I thought how quickly she and I have gotten into a schedule.  Maybe not quite to the extent that my mother and Max did (but then she's only been here a few months!)

It used to be that she would sleep in her crate at night while waiting for me to go to bed.  Then recently she realized that she didn't have to wait for me to go to bed, she could just go upstairs and sleep on the softer bed without me, but the night I saw Hairspray, I decided to sleep downstairs because I had to get up at 5 to finish writing the review (I have this crazy routine I go through when writing reviews).  At 3, Sheila apparently realized I wasn't in bed yet, and came downstairs to lick me until I woke up, trying to let me know that I should come upstairs.  I did ignore her and she slept the rest of the night downstairs.

This morning, since I was up late last night listening to recap of the debate, I slept late.  I got up at 5 or so go to the bathroom and then went back to sleep.  I heard Kimba come into the bedroom at one point after that (which she never does), and Sheila got down off the bed, then hopped back up again and started licking me.  I ignored her and went back to sleep.  Awhile later, Kimba came back in again, Sheila conferred with her again and came back once again to lick me awake.  Both dogs were very relieved when I woke.

(Walt says it's pretty bad when the dog worries that you've died in the night)

Then this morning Walt took the car to work because he's going to the symphony in San Francisco tonight. At the same time Joan called to ask if I wanted to go to the gym with her at 9:30.   This meant no time to take Sheila to the park.

She is so tuned into the routine of my getting dressed and gets so completely excited when I put on my shoes that I actually hid in the bathroom so she wouldn't see me.  I was sitting there in this tiny little box struggling to get into my shoes and marveling that I was doing it so as not to disappoint the dog by getting her all excited about going out to the dog park.

Oh my god.  I've turned into my mother.  Any day now I'm going to start eating ice cream at night so I can give Sheila the end of the cone when I'm finished.


So today I went back to the gym again.  Joan is very persistent and it's nice having her around to push me into going with her.

The thing I love about the new gym is that with headphones you can walk on the treadmill and watch television at the same time.  I got so involved with CNN's coverage of last night's debate that I ended up walking for half an hour at 3 miles an hour.  I had worked up a good sweat by the time I finally gave up on CNN and went on to other machines.

We ended up spending an hour total, and I came home feeling much better than before I left.  I was also pleased to see how much "therapy" all this tossing of a ball for Sheila has been for my shoulder, which is almost entirely back to normal again.

Now if only my knee would follow suit....

As for the debate, I was shocked to read Steve's brother's comment on Steve's message board, in a thread entitled "Bush Destroyed Kerry."  He states,

"Kerry has zero substance. I may not like many of Bush's policies, but I have to give him credit for being able to take a stand, articulate his position and have the backbone to stand behind his word.

The Democrats should be ashamed that they can't come up with someone to beat Bush. He's terribly vulnerable politically, but Kerry is just pathetic. "

Since I felt that Kerry was so clearly the better of the two in this debate, so clearly looked "presidential," while Bush looked like a bumbling idiot, it was a real shocker to realize that there are people who saw the debate completely differently.

My view of the debate is more in line with Pandionna, who does a beautiful recap.

Website of the Day

Find out about the real John Kerry.

And once again, Joan has a great entry about the debate.


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Max - 1991
(photo by Diane Clark)


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