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18 November 2004

I have on many occasions (you may have noticed--I'm very subtle) made mention of the fact that housekeeping is not my strong suit.

Since I went through my "Fly Lady" phase, I have to admit I've been better, though I fear that Peggy hit the nail on the head when she said that she gave me six months to keep up the habit of shining my sink each night.  That's about exactly how long it lasted.

Still, there is improvement.

Having Sheila enter our lives, continually spreading toys about the house has put a crimp in my formerly briefly tidy ways.  I could spend all day every day picking up toys and vacuuming up bits of twigs and other things and still would not keep up with it.

My fault, I guess, for giving her toys.

However, I can't blame it all on Sheila.

I have this infamous recliner which sits next to a glass and brass table which once belonged to Gilbert.  You can't really see the space between the chair and the table unless you are actually IN the chair (or looking for it).


When we first got Sheila, I was really conscienctious about always picking up things off the floor for fear she'd chew them.  I tend to take my shoes off at night and put them between the chair and the table, and to put my sox on top of them.   When Sheila first came, I didn't do that because I was afraid she'd chew them up.

But as she was here longer and longer and ignored the shoes and the sox, I began to get a little lax.

Last night, I came home from the airport, wrote a journal entry, and then sat down briefly in the recliner to take off my shoes before I went to bed and what did I find when I got up this morning?

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It may be inevitable that dogs (or cats) will sooner or later begin playing with sox which are carelessly left on the floor and not put away where they should be, but Sheila has, for six months, ignored all of the sox I have tossed on the floor--and I've always put them partly inside the shoes.

But not last night.

Now, the only reason this merits a journal entry is that I have bazillions of sox.  I have matched and ummatched sox.  I have patterned sox and solid colored sox.  I usually buy my sox at Costco or at the supermarket or somewhere where I can find half a dozen for $1.50 (or some other cheap price).

Does Sheila chew up those sox?


The day she decides to abandon her heretofore respectful distance between her teeth and my sox is the day I leave my bloody $15.00 sox on the floor!

I have never spent so much for a pair of sox, but I had a gift certificate, had purchased what I wanted with the gift certificate, had about $20 left over, had this great idea that I was going to do more walking and found these great walking sox.  I debated about spending that much money on a pair of sox, but decided what the hell.

They have been the most comfortable sox I've ever had and I try to wear them whenever I go walking because they really do cushion my feet and lessen the chance of blisters (not that I'm likely to develop blisters walking from the parking lot to the dog park, about the most I walk these days).

But the question is--why didn't Sheila chew up my nice cheap sox? 

Why did she have to chew up the only sox that would represent a significant financial loss to find with holes in them?

OK--so I can afford $15.  It's not like I'm going to starve or be forced out of my house or anything like that.

But I'm not likely to pay $15 for a pair of sox again and I'm, quite frankly, pissed that Sheila chewed this pair up, dammit!

(And perhaps I'm more upset at myself for letting down my guard and leaving them there for her to chew up)

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