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17 November 2004

I can only assume that the gods of travel felt sufficiently sorry for the hell they put me through on Thursday that they decided to make today go as pleasantly as possible.  The day went well and I don't know what the hell I'm doing sitting here at my computer at midnight, which is 3 a.m. my body time, when I have been up since 5:30 a.m. Baltimore time. 

It's very difficult to be compulsive about this journal!

We had a nice morning.   Our last breakfast together was some oatmeal with dried fruit.  Then Roz put in her lenses and set out to solo on the computer and see how much of her e-mail lessons she had retained from the day before.

She did it like a champ.

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She even worked up to using two fingers and had doubled her speed by the time she logged off for the day.

I discovered that I could add web sites to her tool bar, so her daughter's website is now on her toolbar, with an icon of a book and my journal is on her toolbar with an icon of a pig's face, which somehow seemed appropriate!

I did some last minute packing, washed all the linens I'd used, and chose a book to take with me for the flight, since I'd read everything I'd brought with me.

We had a nice chicken salad for lunch, and then Edd, with whom we had dinner the other night, stopped by with some almond bark (chocolate) he'd just made that he was sharing with us.  We enjoyed chatting with him.  All four of those people that I met at Friday's dinner were just so "comfortable" that it seemed like I'd known them forever.  There's just something about theatre people, I guess!

Anyway, the time finally arrived and we left the house for the drive to the airport. 

I arrived around  2, for my 4 p.m. flight.  Check-in was a snap.   I didn't need to eat anything, since I was still full from lunch and almond bark, so I just settled myself in at the gate and waited to board.

We took off on time--no electrical problems this time.  The plane from Baltimore to Houston wasn't even full, so the middle seat was empty, which was nice.  

Since Continental had given us free earphones for all our inconvenience on Thursday, I didn't have to buy earphones to watch the movie, and that was nice.  The movie on the first leg was The Notebook, which I'd wanted to see and which was a beautiful movie, leaving me wiping away tears as we landed at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

I didn't even have to walk to get to the next gate, since we arrived at gate E-16 and I transferred to gate E-17.  I did have a 3-hour layover, though, so I got some pizza from the stand that was right there and eventually walked down to Starbucks to get some coffee.  I also had a toffee bar, and gave thanks that Roz's son Gary chooses food for Starbucks, because this toffee bar was a real winner!

Then I sat by the gate waiting to board, listening to CNN and getting increasingly depressed by the upcoming 4 years of the Bush Administration.  I have almost decided to stop watching news entirely and see if I can just spend the next four years with my head in the sand (I know I can't, but that sure sounded like a pleasant idea this afternoon).

Again, the plane boarded on time, though this time it was a full flight.

I was happy to have a skinny high school girl next to me, so I didn't have to feel guilty for my butt slopping over onto her seat.  She slept all the way to Sacramento, which was good because the only problem I had on this flight was that I couldn't get my earpones plugged into my controls.  The problem was that my butt was too damn big and I was wedged in too tightly.  I must have worked on that sucker for a good 15 minutes, just trying to find the damn thing and get the headphones plugged in.

Finally, I decided that since my seatmate seemed sound asleep, I'd plug myself into HER jack and though that wasn't exactly easy, it was a whole lot easier than trying to get it plugged into my own.

The second in-flight movie was The Terminal, another movie I'd been wanting to see and had missed in the theatre. 

The movie ended forty-five minutes before we landed in Sacramento and I was able to go right to sleep and slept until we were coming in for a landing.

Have you ever wondered why it is that you have to bring your seats to the full upright position for landing?  I mean, when you recline them, they recline all of two inches.  Is that two inches going to mean the difference between life and death in case of some abortive landing occurrence?  I can understand why you have to have the tray table up and why all your baggage needs to be stowed under your seat, but that little tiny difference in the tilt of the seat has always puzzled me.

Maybe there's a flight attendant out there who can explain that for me.

Anyway, by the time I got off the plane, my luggage was already circling the baggage carousel, Walt was there to meet me, and when we got to the car, Sheila's little wagging tail greeted me.

So I'm home again.  I'm exhausted and I'm headed off to bed this very minute.

But it was a very good day--the gods are forgiven for Thursday.

Sorry if this is less than entertaining, but I'm lucky to get anything at all in print at this hour of the night!



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