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15 November 2004

Well, it wasn't exactly deja vu all over again, but something similar. I seem to have met the past coming and going all day today.

It was another quiet morning. We sat and drank coffee and talked and read and rehashed the previous night at Liese's play. Around 10, I had the first "flash back."

I called my friend Melody, whom I have not seen in many years and with whom I seem to have lost contact. When I made plans to come here, I let her know I would be in the area and we had tentative plans to get together, but with the combination of my getting here a day late and then just realizing that my purpose in coming was to be with Roz, not to go galavanting around the countryside visiting people, it became obvious that this would not be the best trip to try to see each other.

As it happened, she was going through her own family turmoil too and I suspect this isn't the best time for her either, but instead we had a lovely talk, catching up on all sorts of news, and we hope to get together in California in the next month or so, and to plan a reunion--somewhere--of the old crew from The Secretariat. We are all scattered about the country now and we thought it would be fun to pick a place none of us has visited before and just all gather there for a girls' weekend sometime this spring.

Roz and I had a late breakfast, so we didn't have lunch. We were being picked up by a friend of Roz and Stan's from Colonial Players, the theatre group with which Stan performed for years. This fellow had set aside tickets for us to go to see the current production.

Roz had told me a little bit about this guy, whose name is Tom, and when he showed up, this little man who looked as if he could be a jockey, I "knew" him instantly. Oh, I didn't know Tom, but he was so incredibly familiar that I spent a lot of time trying to figure out who he reminded me of.

Then it hit me. I was thrown off by his diminutive stature. If this guy were 6'3" tall and weighed a bit more, he could be the double of my one-time friend, Phil Dethlefsen. It was uncanny. I tried not to stare, as we spent time with him in the lobby of the theatre and in the theatre itself, but my lord was he Phil's mini-me. Talk about stepping back in time nearly 20 years!

Tom, Roz and I drove into old town Annapolis and Tom gave me a bit of a driving tour. He was so sweet about it, that I didn't have the heart to tell him that I'd been there several times and that Stan had given us his famous walking tour of the place. Another deja vu.

Annapolis is the capitol of Maryland and a lovely, clean, colonial city with more of the historic 18th century buildings still standing than any city in the country. The city itself is all built in circular form, so that instead of a grid pattern, such as we are used to in most of the cities I have visited. streets radiate off of the central circle which is the State House (see Photo of the Day), much like the spokes on a bicycle wheel.

And of course there is the famous harbor and nearby the Naval Academy (we drove around the harbor, but not the Naval Academy, where security has tightened significantly since 9/11).

For an area so small, historic Annapolis seems to have a thriving theatrical life, and our destination was Colonial Players, half a block from the state house. In the photo below, you can see through Colonial's front window to some of the historic buildings across the street.

As soon as we walked into the lobby, I remembered the times that we had been to Colonial to see Stan appearing in a play and I got kind of nostalgic. We were going to see "Kid Purple," a rather strange play written by Mickey Handwerger, which tells the tale of a boy born with a huge purple birthmark which covers most of his face, and which makes him the brunt of all the teases of his classmates most of his life. He becomes a boxer and, ultimately World Heavyweight Champion and learns to accept himself. It's a funny show, quite offbeat and a real tour de force for Dean Davis, in the title role, who is never off stage for the entire play.

Tom brought us home after the show and we decided to go out to the Chinese Buffet (pronounced "buffette," by young Jack last night) with one of Roz's neighbors. Interesting buffet, which included fried chicken, buttered potatoes, hard boiled eggs, and sushi along with the Chinese food. On the dessert table, there were candied bananas next to some shrimp dish. Definitely an interesting assortment of choices!

We settled in for the evening and watched TV and now once again, Roz has gone to bed and I'm sitting here at Stan's desk, with the ashes of Uncle Irwin (that's a long story!) and getting ready to turn in myself.

Tomorrow morning we are meeting the women from Friday's dinner for breakfast and in the afternoon my plan is to teach Roz how to (a) turn on the computer, (b) log in to AOL, and (c) send and receive e-mail. I promised her kids I wouldn't leave here until she is feeling comfortable with it, so I may have to stay another week or two!!!


The Annapolis State House



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