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13 November 2004

When we last left our intrepid traveler, she had just checked into the Sheraton Houston for the night, without toiletries, nightclothes, or clean underwear.

I was able to post a journal entry (obviously) and tried to go to sleep, setting the alarm for 5:30. I woke up in a cold sweat at 4:30, having just dreamed that I slept until 7! Obviously further sleep was not possible, so I just got up, made a pot of coffee, and packed up the computer (no shower--no clean clothes!)

I caught the shuttle to the airport around 6:15.

Lemme tell you, you know that everything in Texas is bigger, but I swear I've seen cities that weren't as large as Bush Intercontinental Airport. It took longer to get from the entrance to Concourse C than it took to get from the hotel to the airport, and everywhere you looked, the thing seemed to stretch on endlessly.

I checked in at Continental (easier, since I had no luggage this time) and there was almost nobody in the security line. As I was putting my shoes back on, I realized that I'd left my Ken Follett novel at the check-in-counter. I wasn't about to go back, so I hope someone else enjoys it.

Then I started the l-o-n-g trudge to the gate. Not quite as far away as the gate where we entered, but still worthy of a marathoner.

I walked and walked and walked and walked. When I hit the first oasis, I stopped for sustenance. I had a $10 voucher for breakfast from Continental, but it was only good at the hotel, and I couldn't wait for their cafe to open, so I had to pay. (It occurred to me that I had spent 1/3 of the cash I brought with me already and I hadn't even gotten out of a friggin' airport yet! Lunch and dinner in Sacramento, breakfast in Houston, a book I read and a book I donated to some unknown passenger. I was going to have to hit an ATM!)

Finally got to the gate, where I had a bit of time to wait. You'd think that in an airport as large as Bush, there would be an internet terminal, like there is in the dinky Sacramento airport, but no. Then I remembered that this place was named for Bush who doesn't even read, much less use the Internet, so I suppose it makes sense.

(Oh...wrong Bush...sorry...)

Anyway, the flight wasn't full, so we weren't cramped. I had saved my headphones from the first flight to watch the movie on the second flight, but this wasn't a movie flight, so I just read my Michael Chichton.

Miracle of miracles, my suitcase not only made it to Houston, it was the 3rd bag off, so I didn't even have to wait long.

Roz was waiting at the curb when I got out--she said she'd been there about 10 minutes and was hobbling around on her cane trying to look like an old disabled lady so the security people wouldn't tell her to move on. Apparently it worked.

It was so good to see her again. We chatted all afternoon, mostly about Stan and his last days and his funeral. He was such a special guy and obviously much loved by a lot of people. It's kind of sad that that sometimes you die without realizing what an effect you have had on other people's lives. I think of the messages I still continue to get now and then about David or Paul and some inpact they had on someone's life. I wish they could have known that.

There were plans to have dinner with four friends of Roz's at an Irish place, Kilarny, somewhere...I don't know where. I have to admit that it was a real white-knuckle ride there. Roz took back roads, it was pouring rain and she admitted she couldn't see the lines on the road. But she didn't really slow her speed and for most of the ride she seemed to be straddling two lanes. I was trying not to show how terrified I was feeling, but by the time we reached the restaurant, I was in real danger of having my very first panic attack.

(Fortunately, we took a more straight route on the way back and it wasn't quite so hair-raising.)

Dinner was delightful (fantastic lamb stew). Her friends were delightful. One guy, Edd, is an actor and director and, since he, Roz and I were at one end of the table, we talked a lot of theatre, which was fun. His wife, the other woman, Roz and I are going to meet for breakfast on Monday.

We came back here, had some ice cream and settled in to watch forty bazillion news programs about the Scott Peterson verdict.

Tomorrow we are going to see Roz's granddaughter in a production of Into the Woods , which I've never seen before. I had hoped that I might meet up with my friend Melody over the weekend, but I probably am not going to have a block of time to do that, unfortunately, as the next day we are going to a matinee of another play, the name of which I can't remember.

Now Roz has gone off to bed and I am about to do the same myself. It is still pouring outside, but the weather persons predict that it will clear up tomorrow, so there is hope.


This is the cover of the invitation to Roz and Stan's 50th wedding anniversary party. Stan died two weeks too soon. What a perfect invitation for someone who has been an actor all his life!



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