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The virtue of the camera is not the power it has to transform the photographer into an artist, but the impulse it gives him to keep on looking.

~ Brooks Anderson

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26 May 2004

This is probably going to be VERY boring for most people, but I’ve had a fanTAStic day and am feeling just SO good about myself, and what I’ve learned in the past several months.

I’ve been feeling pretty comfortable with PhotoShop lately. I’ve managed to figure out how one works with layers in editing a photo, I’ve learned how to "extract" a thing from one photo and put it in another. I’ve been able to clone things to fill in places where there is a thing in a photo that you don’t like.

For example... I’ve been wanting to work on this photo that I took in Australia for some time.

Kboats1.jpg (61929 bytes)

The colors needed to be more intense and those cars were a bit distraction, so they had to go. I worked on it for quite awhile and this was what I came up with.

Kboats2.jpg (69080 bytes)

Then, Olivia sent me an old family photo she had come across in doing all of her genealogy work.  It's of her great-great grandparents and one of their daughters, but she wanted the daughter out of the photo and the parents moved closer together.  She figured that I could do that.  I could!

showpkc.jpg (42404 bytes)

Believe me, I was so tickled when I got tht done!  I especially liked the fact that I was able to keep a semblance of the same background.   If I were more proficient (or had taken more time) I probably could have done a better job of the background, but this doesn't look too bad.

Then Shelly came over.  She and Ellen had taken pictures of the wedding cake I did for the marriage celebration recently and they wanted to change the background so that it had rainbow colors.  I worked on it for a long time and came up with something that Shelly was happy with.

RainbowBrides.jpg (33880 bytes)

Only, when she brought it home, it turned out Ellen wanted a softer, more blurry background and I was able to do that.

RainbowBrides2.jpg (31087 bytes)

But Shelly wanted to know how to do it herself, so she could work on it at home.  Only she already was home, so I managed to give her the instructions over the phone, which included linking layers together, blurring them, altering the colors and a few other things.  Before that, the only thing she'd done with her software was correct red eye, crop, and resize things.  I'm thrilled that she was able to do it.

I guess all the hours I've spent sitting in front of this computer going over PhotoShop tutorials and practicing over and over again are finally starting to pay off!


Kalbarriview.jpg (32241 bytes)

Peggy will appreciate this photo.  We had used the new feature
on our new Casio camera to try to take a photo of the two
of us together--first half of the photo with me in it, and then
the other half with Peggy in it.  The result was a dismal failure.
Today I worked on the photo--and you can't tell that we weren't
both in the photo at the same time when you look at this, can you?

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