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One of the oldest human needs is having someone to wonder where you are when you don't come home at night.

~ Margaret Mead

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  • Joan loaned me her car for the day, since Walt has taken our car to Tahoe.

  • Nice gathering at the Writers Group today

  • Huckleberry jelly beans




16 May 2004

Well, I am home again, after a long day yesterday. It was nearly midnight before I got to bed, and I was really zonked.

The day started with a trip to Olivia’s office. Actually, she left early because Skippy has an internal clock that goes off at 7 a.m., when Doggie Day Care opens, and he will not be shushed until it’s convenient for the 2-legged people to leave, so it gets Olivia out of the house at the crack of dawn. I, however, got a reprieve until Chris was ready to leave and he took me in to...

PartridgeLitigation013.jpg (26251 bytes)

...Partridge Litigation Support.

The office, at the moment, has been operating out of a warehouse run by the state (since their contract is with the state of Idaho), and it’s functional and cozy, but that’s about it. Olivia has plans to move downtown into a "real" office sometime in the foreseeable future.

But Chris gave me a "tour" of the Adpbe Acrobat program they’ve designed for tracking legal documents and it is nothing short of genius. I was suitably impressed.

Chrisoffice.jpg (27687 bytes)
Chris at his desk (insert is so you can see him better)

I futzed around on an available computer for awhile, while Olivia finished up some business, and then the two of us were off to lunch

PartridgeLitigation012.jpg (37758 bytes)
Olivia and her staff

We lingered over a delightful lunch at the Cottonwood Grille, nestled alongside the Boise River. Kind of a plush kind of place where we indulged not only in lunch, but also a tomato olive goat cheese tampanade before lunch and dessert (strawberry shortcake for her, creme brulee for me) after. Then we walked outside to look at the river and the bike path, both of us with our bad knees unable to bike at present. We vowed to bike that path some day.

We stopped at home to pick up my luggage and then off to the airport to begin my long flight home.

When you fly Southwest Airlines, you board the plane according to groups. When you check in determines the group with which you board, and once on the plane, it’s open seating. Southwest has recently started a "check-in from your computer" function and any time after 12:01 a.m. of the day you are going to fly, you can check in from home and print your own boarding pass. Both going and coming to Boise, I was the first person to check in, so boarded in the "A" group.

On the Boise to Portland flight, when I got on, there was a window seat available in the very first row and I grabbed it, because there is better leg room there.

Well, it turns out that the body of the plane kind of curves in a bit at that point, so the seats are a bit smaller in that particular row (I know this because I usually sit in the middle of the plane), and I had to really cram my big butt into the seat. The girl on the aisle was a big girl, not heavy, but just "solid," so no wispy thing either. Then Kevin decided to sit between us. Kevin is a big person too, so there we sat, the three of us with our sizeable butts crammed together in this row of 3 seats, trying to find space for our elbows. I am glad there was no photographer to take our photo--but at least it’s only an hour flight.

The flight attendant looked like Jeff Probst, the host of "Survivor" and the girl in our row (whose name I’ve forgotten) had a new issue of "Cosmo" magazine which had "10 Hot Sex Tips Every Woman Should Master" and an article called "Confessions of a Flight Atttendant." "Jeff," the girl with the magazine, the female flight attendant, and Kevin became fast friends, passing the magazine back and forth with "ooo--read this!" shrieks, as they found something else juicy to share. I was reading my book so didn’t get included in the pass-around.   (I told Kevin later I felt like I'd been seated with the rowdy kids.)

When "Jeff" got up to deliver peanuts to the passengers, Kevin asked for more. "How many do you want?" Jeff asked. "As many as you’ve got," Kevin responded (which may explain why he is a big person too!) and when "Jeff" returned, he tossed Kevin the rest of the bag from which he was doling out peanuts--about 30 more packages. Kevin couldn’t believe it, but he wrapped them up to take to his fiancee, whom he was meeting in Portland.

As we began to descend into Portland, I knew that this was a Bad Day To Fly for me. With the remants of my cold still very apparent, I could feel the fluid in my ears begin to swell and very soon I was in a lot of pain, despite rapidly moving my jaw trying to keep the ear canals open. Kevin quickly got out his package of gum and gave me a piece and I chewed furiously all the way onto the ground. It did help and so I was not in agony, the way I was the last time I flew with a head cold. But I sure was not looking forward to getting back on a plane and doing it all over again.

But I remembered advice Dr. G had given me and I went to the store and got myself a powerful decongestant and took that. It had 4-1/2 hours to work, as there was a scheduled 4 hour layover and the plane was 30 minutes late. But I guess it did its stuff. I could feel crackles in my ear as we descended, but I made it all the way home without pain.

I sat next to a newlywed couple from Portland to Sacramento. She was bringing a beautiful rose from their garden to her mother-in-law which was such a sweet idea I didn’t want to remind her that it’s illegal to bring plants in to California from outside the state!

It was good to be home, to go through the mountain of mail, to pick up the phone messages (including one from Dr. G who has a job for me, designing a flyer for him), find the mountain of tapes that the psychiatrist has left for me, and to get into my own bed and have a nice night’s sleep last night.

I enjoyed my time in Boise very much and look forward to going back after Olivia’s hot tub is installed. But it’s also good to get home, even if I am facing a bunch of deadlines almost immediately!


boiseriver.jpg (28966 bytes)

This is a panorama of photos I took on our ride to Idaho City.

panorama.jpg (37074 bytes)

...and this is a panorama photo from our ride home

(Note to Steve: See?  I can do it!)


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