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The Oath
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11 May 2004

Before you go any further, stop right now and read Marn. I just love this woman. I am so disgusted with what is going on in our government these days that I am barely coherent. It’s interesting to read it from the perspective of someone who doesn’t live in this country (even if she crosses the border to go to the gym often enough to qualify for temporary citizenship).

I found out yesterday what happens when you just let go of everything, take a couple of days off and do nothing but relax.

You get sick.

By the end of last night, my throat was raw and my nose had that “watch out, missy, you’re about to get one heck of a cold” feeling to it. I woke up this morning and all the promises had come true, despite the fact that Olivia dosed me with an herbal preparation guaranteed to nip things like this in the bud. Apparently my bud had already begun to flower and we caught it too late. Either that or it nipped something in the bud or I’d be comatose so I should be grateful that I only have a head the size of a beach ball, a nose that stings and burns, a scratchy throat, and the start of the cough that usually goes down into my lungs and takes up residence. Maybe it could have been much worse.

So today I’ve been an absolute sloth. Olivia went off to work around 7 (via “doggie day care” for Skippy and the YMCA for herself) and I settled into a day of “being sick.”

I downed more of the herbal preparation (the name of which is downstairs and I’m too lazy to go check it out) and settled myself into the big overstuffed chair, put my feet up on the ottoman, laid in a supply of tissues and allowed myself some pathetic moaning while I watched the continuing events unfolding in the Iraqi prisoner scandal.

When our esteemed leader came out to make his “We love you, Don, and we sure don’t want to fire you” speech, I decided I’d had enough of politics (can’t stand to look at the guy…any of them, in fact), so found that A Passage to India was on HBO. I’d never seen it, so I watched that, then had some lunch.

By the time the movie was over, I was realizing that I really wasn’t feeling so hot. Well, more accurately, I was feeling “so hot,” and suspected I might have a low grade fever. What the heck, I have nothing pressing to do here, I decided to see if I could take a nap.

That must have been a good idea because when I woke up 2-1/2 hours later, the young woman here in the complex who comes in and cleans up the kitchen and Olivia’s bedroom each day said she’d already been here for half an hour and she was just finishing up.

It was time for more herbs, so I took another dose, then started pushing fluids—you know they say you should drink lots of fluids when you have a cold to wash out the impuries.

I felt like a damn Betsy Wetsy doll, the kind of doll I had as a kid, where you fed it with a bottle of water, and then changed its diapers because the water passed straight through. I figure I’ve had my aerobic exercises between getting up and down to answer the telephone and up and down to get rid of the water I’d ingested and get a refill of the bottle so I could ingest more.

So for those who are jealous that I am able to take a whole week off and run off to exotic Boise, I thought it might make you feel better to discover the reality of how I’m spending my time.

It has also started raining today, so it’s just as well that I had no plans to do anything…too wet to do anything anyway.


Me back up on Table Rock, when I felt healthy

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