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Breakfast:  English Muffin
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The Oath
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  • I have really great kids. Even tho I'm not at home, they still made me feel special for Mother's Day.

  • Chris, Olivia's computer guru, fixed a camera problem for me.

  • That the country still has wonderful, unspoiled views.




10 May 2004

Franklin the turtle was not happy.

He was, at the moment, doing the tortoise equivalent of the limbo, scurrying to get under a barricade that Elliot was holding in front of him. “He likes it!” Elliot explained. .

Frankly, I wasn’t convinced that Franklin was liking it at all, as Elliot zoomed him around the room like an airplane, gave him a ride on the dog’s back, and began to check to see what would happen if he poked his eye with a pen (that’s when I decided enough was enough and reprimanded a kid I barely knew).

Franklin was the birthday present for Elliot, who turns 10 next week, and father Scott had said yesterday, “Turtles live 30, 40 years. I give this one three more weeks.” I suspect he may be right.

We had stopped by to visit with Carol and Scott before heading out to do some sightseeing.

The day had started on a lovely note, with a surprise delivery of flowers from Tom, who had apparently gotten Olivia's address from Walt.

Olivia's sister and her family live in a new subdivision on the outskirts of town, part of the Harris Ranch (I assume, since the logo is the same, it’s part of the ranch in California famous for its beef). The subdivision sits near the site of the old Oregon Trail and there are spots on the undeveloped hillside where you can still find ruts from the wagon trains coming into Boise to find some respite along the banks of the Boise River.

Apparently I learned nothing from my recent attempt to photograph the rehearsal of the nude dance troupe, because as we sat at Carol & Scott’s and I attempted to take a photo of Elliott with Franklin, I realized my batteries were dead. Now, I wasn’t completely stupid. I had indeed brought extra batteries with me to Boise. In fact, two or three sets. I was prepared.

However, it doesn’t make any difference how prepared you are. If you leave the batteries at home when you go out, they don’t do you a whole lot of good!

I ended up taking pictures of Elliott with Olivia’s camera and then we stopped at a store so I could buy more batteries (thank goodness, the camera takes AA’s, not some obscure type of battery) and I was in business again.

We drove to Table Rock, which overlooks all of Boise. The view is spectacular (see Photo of the Day).

Table Rock has become controversial around here because of a cross which was erected by the Jaycees in 1956, on land owned by the Department of Corrections. Twenty years later, following a Supreme Court decision regarding religious symbols on public land, the Jaycees purchased the land on which the cross stood for $100—quite a bargain, based on the types of homes which are in the area of prime land around it! In 1999, there was a big controversy over the sale, and a member of the local Idaho Athiests Group called on the Attorney General to investigate whether the sale of the land was a violation of the separation of church and state.

The cross still stands, so I guess the matter was eventually amicably settled.

We left Table Rock and stopped by the dollar store so Olivia could pick up some balloons for a birthday party we were going to crash. We ended up with a bouquet of balloons and Skippy in the back seat. He looked a little uncertain about it.

We returned home, I gave Olivia a crash course in PhotoShop and Collage Maker so she could put together a couple of photos to take to the birthday party, which was being held just two units from this one. I’ve decided that this complex is one roving party after another. Nobody seemed to mind that we had crashed the party (after all, the host is Olivia's employee!). We enjoyed talking about work, the condo complex (a perennial topic, it seems!), Olivia's experiences in Mexico and El Salvador, and other things. It seems quite an amicable group—at least the renegades living in the back are—and we knew, from the reading material available at the party, that these were definitely our people!


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