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I'll be there for you
(When the rain starts to pour)
I'll be there for you
(Like I've been there before)
I'll be there for you
('Cause you're there for me too)

Chorus, "Friends" theme song

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One Corpse Too Many
by Ellis Peters


Thoroughly Modern Millie

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  • I have an excuse NOT to watch "Friends" tonight.

  • The "Friends" wake is almost over, thank God!




6 May 2004

This entry is dated May 6 and on May 6 something will finally happen that, in my own estimation, can’t happen any too soon.

On May 6, we will finally see the last of "Friends."

Now, I like "Friends" and have watched it when I had nothing better to do. I followed Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Ross, Phoebe and Joey from their first year, checking in now and then to see what was happening.

But, come on, people. This isn’t a major state funeral!

Princess Di didn’t get as good a send-off as these actors and this show are getting!!!

This was not Masterpiece Theatre!

This wasn’t even M*A*S*H.

This was a fun, light, frothy sitcom that just had the good fortune to be around for ten years. But my god you’d think the world was going to come to an end because the show is coming to an end.  Isn't it going to run in syndication longer than "I Love Lucy"???

But this seems to be the way of things, isn’t it?

We seem to have devoted a whole month to saying good bye to Sex and the City, which I could get interested in even less, since I never watched that show.

I guess that one reason this is becoming so all-pervasive is because there are so many people who have become big name stars as a result of this show. Something that didn’t happen in quite the same way with M*A*S*H, for example -- those guys were already established names before the show began and some faded into obscurity when the show ended.

You just can’t turn on the TV this week without seeing one or two or three or all six of the stars of "Friends" on talk shows, on news broadcasts, on entertainment shows, talking about life after "Friends" or seeing clips of favorite episodes (by my count they have run at least 8 of the 10 years as "favorite clips.")

The newspaper and the news shows are talking about people having "Friends" parties and offering suggestions for what to serve at a "Friends" party, what to wear to a "Friends" party, and inviting people who are having "Friends" parties to call the news station with a report on how it went.

In Sacramento, a news show is holding a contest.  The winner gets to go to the big theatre in town and watch the final "Friends" episode on the big screen (presumably with a whole theatre of "Friends" fans).

Lost in all the brouhaha over "Friends" is the fact that "Frasier" is also ending its season, with Kelsey Grammer saying goodbye to the role he has been playing for 20 years.

Oh, "Frasier" has had a nice spread in TV GUIDE and I’ve seen Grammer interviewed on a couple of shows, but I don’t have the same oppressive feeling that I’m getting about "Friends" . You’d think no other show in the history of television has ever had this much of an impact on the life of the country.

God, I hope that’s not the case!!!

Fortunately, I won’t be home to watch all-Friends-all-the-time tonight. We’re going off to the theatre to review Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Kind of "Friends" set in 1920.

But even though we'll miss the "Friends" rerun episodes and the 2 hour meeting of the stars on the set, with Katie Couric and Matt Lauer, we will still be home in time to see Jay Leno on the set of "Friends." And, of course, the first "Friends" reunion interview takes place the next day on Oprah.



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