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Chicago is the product of modern capitalism, and, like other great commercial centers, is unfit for human habitation.

~ Eugene Debs, 1908

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Breakfast:  Cheerios and banana
Lunch:   spaghetti
Dinner:  Leftover Chinese food from the other night.


"Deception Point"
by Dan Brown ("DaVinci Code")


Will and Grace
The Apprentice


26 March 2004

"I need a ride to the gym, and you need to go too."

My friend Joan didn’t pull any punches. She reads my journal and knew how much I’d been slacking off.

Joan goes to the health club run by the guy who ran the club where I first started working out, part of my "pre-breakfast club." When the club closed, I went looking elsewhere. The others in the pre-breakfast club waited it out until Bud opened his new facility. They’ve all gone back to the new place; I’ve been on hiatus. The club I joined was no fun--it was all the sort of people I avoided gyms for in the first place. (Or at least the people I saw in the few days I actually went).

Walking into Bud’s new facility, even though it’s in a different place, the machines are all new, and I didn’t know anybody, just felt...comfortable again.   Maybe it was seeing all those people older than I am walking around, walking on the treadmill at snail's pace, and not looking like marathon runners in spandex.

There are finally enough treadmills and I didn’t have to get off because someone was waiting, so I did 20 minutes on the treadmill. I tried the recumbant bike, my old faithful, but my knee didn’t like it, so I did the other stationary bike, which was nice. Did the equivalent of 2 miles with a bit of a load, so by the time I finished I was sweating pretty good. I also did a couple of the weight machines, though avoided the ones that use the arm.

They have a senior couples rate there and I’m hoping Walt will decide he wants to try joining a health club. If we join, I think I would be a regular again, early in the morning, and I would probably also take advantage of a meeting with the physical therapist (since this is primarily a physical therapy center, though "normal" people can also use the machines) to see if there is a real program I can follow, using the machines, to help get past the arm and leg problems.

We’ll see.

After I dropped Joan off at home, my plan had been to go to Ace Hardware and pick up a curtain rod for the shower, since we are in the last stages of the remodel now and Scott has promised that it will all be finished by this weekend.

But since I was in the car and headed toward the freeway, I decided to drive down to Fairfield (about 20 miles from here) to check out the new Bed, Bath and Beyond. This was a new world for me. Most women get in "shopping" mode and go out to buy things for the house, but since I am only a born-again neat person, I’ve never had any need to go "decorating" anything.

I'd never been in a Bed, Bath and Beyond before, so this was as much a strange new world for me as my recent trip to Home Depot was. Stacks of towels, pillows, decorative accents for the bedroom, the bathroom and...beyond. I could easily do some serious damage to a credit card here! But I stuck to the things I knew I needed.

I still couldn’t get out under $100, but was happy to come home with: a shower curtain, a shower curtain liner, a rod, hangers, towels and washcloths, 2 rugs, tooth brush holder, glass, and soap dish, all in coordinating colors. Then I tossed in an impulse purchase at the end--a tooth paste tube squeezer (all of $2.50).

I carried all of my new purchases up to the bathroom and discovered that (a) the rugs were too small, and (b) the shower curtain didn’t match as well as the old one did. Obviously I have not yet honed those shopping skills yet. Those will go back in exchange for bigger rugs. The towels, though, were OK. I still have to buy some sort of free standing shelf unit to go over the toilet and get some decorations on the walls. All this has to wait until Scott is completely finished, of course, but the end is in sight.

The afternoon was devoted to packing. We are taking the 11 p.m. flight to Chicago, where we will be seeing The Big Voice twice (Ned will never forgive me for going to Chicago and NOT seeing "Blue Man Group."). Ned will be here to take care of Kimba, and Scott has promised to have the bathroom finished by the time we return this weekend.

We arrive in Chicago at 5 a.m. Chicago time, 3 a.m. OUR time and I suspect that tomorrow is going to be a blur, since we can’t check into our hotel until 3 p.m. and are going to be staggering around the city, our first time there, with very little sleep under our belts! I’m sure we will be snoring through The Big Voice tomorrow night!


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Jimmy and Steve in Chicago--aren't they cute?
...we'll see them tomorrow night!


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