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19 March 2004

It was a challenge to decide where to aim my eyes.

I have to explain something about my former boss (remember him?). He was a child of the 60, and I gather that he was a real flower child kinda doctor. In his young days as a physician, he moved to an area which was noted to be populated by hippie-types and the field of obstetrics and gynecology was a good place to really be free and be innovative. Those earth mother types who were looking for natural experiences to have their babies, while still having the safety net of a physician found a home in his office.

In addition to being one of the first doctors in the area to wear long hair and a beard in the operating room, he was also an innovator in the area of childbirth, families (including children) in the delivery room, water births, and all that sort of thing.

He was the kind of gynecologist I would have gone to when I was birthin’ babies in the 60s, if he had been around and covered by my insurance.

So he comes from that kind of background...the free love / pot smoking / "the body is beautiful" kind of background. He has, of course, become more mainstream as he has gotten older (he and I are the same age), and as the times have changed.

Yesterday, I received a call from his wife, who needed some help with her computer, something I had offered to do for her when I was working for him. She had become a good friend when I was working for him, and she’s a fun person to be around, so I was happy to hear from her. She needed instructions for how to do some things, and some help with a flyer she had designed for an upcoming seminar he is giving.

The computer is in the office area of their house and faces a wall covered with photographs, new photos, old photos, family photos, photos of various trips they’ve been on. We all have bulletin boards like that.

The problem is that when he came in to check on the flyer, and give his input on the design, he stood in front of me and just over his left ear I could see photo of a totally naked Dr. G, arms outstretched bits dangling in the breeze. By the fact that the photo was faded and curled, you could tell it was something that had been on the wall a long time, along with the baby photos and graduation photos and party photos, and I’m sure nobody even realized it was there (nor the other one where he’s sitting down with three other guys, none of them wearing more than a smile). It’s very disconcerting to stand there talking to your former boss, who is being all professional in discussing a project that needs to be done for an upcoming seminar at which he will preside, while looking at this same guy in the altogether just poised over his left ear.

If I ever have to give a speech, however, where he is in the audience, it will be very easy to calm my nervousness by imagining him naked--‘cause I’ve seen it already!

Today was a very full day, beginning at 9 with meeting my friend Barb for what is becoming our weekly walk. We live 20 miles apart, so I guess we are going to alternate walking in Davis and walking in her town--or driving somewhere entirely new to walk.

It was fortunate we started early today because it got very warm by the time we ended our walk. We only walked 1.6 miles (my pedometer tells me), but because of the heat and the fact that there was a lot of up and down hillocks, it sure seemed longer.

But again, it was a special walk. First, we found a pair of pheasants. She said she’d never seen pheasants there before. I didn’t get terrific photos, but I did get this one shot of Mr. Pheasant in flight.

pheasant.jpg (31642 bytes)

We were headed in the direction of an old reservoir, now filled with vegetation. Barb says that at this time of year, it’s not uncommon to find the whole reservoir filled with wildflowers. We are probably a week too early for that, though there were clusters of poppies everywhere.

poppy1.jpg (40091 bytes)

But the best were the butterflies. One thing I’ve discussed here before  that I miss butterflies. Used to see them all the time when I was a kid and there just don’t seem to be many around any more. But maybe we hit it on a good day. There were beautiful butterflies all over the place today. It was just a wonderfully peaceful scene--the two of us, the wild flowers, and the butterflies. Just lovely.

butterfly3.jpg (42620 bytes)

We met a woman walking her boxer (boxers must be the new "in" dog--we saw four of them today, and one boxer puppy last week), who said she’d spied a coyote in the hills, but we didn’t see a coyote.

It felt good when we were finally on the downhill slope and could get a wisp of breeze coming from the west.

ducks.jpg (55967 bytes)
Nesting ducks--soon there will be babies

We met the Canada geese on the way back to the car and then took a nice drive into the hills to look at all the blossoms, the lush green grass, and the beautiful homes.

I got home just in time to grab a quick bite of lunch and then rush off to Dr. G’s house to work on his computer.

Really a nice day, even if I did have to worry about how to concentrate on what Dr. G was telling me, with his dangly bits right there in front of my face.


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