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16 March 2004

I’ve finally figured out a better reason to diet. Better than being healthy. Better than being physically fit to go back to Australia next year. Better than to fit into all of my skinny clothes.

It’s my &^$#@ shoulder.

Yes, there is still pain and, quite frankly, I’m getting pretty tired of it. My physical therapist says that there is probably residual tendinitis and that until I get range of motion back, I’ll always have pain.

Thank you.

OK. So getting range of motion back requires doing the exercises.

Most of the exercises are just fine. In fact, stretching up way over my head actually feels good. That’s not where it hurts.

Where it hurts is where she told me would be the last mobility that would come back--the arm behind the back movement.

This makes it painful to buckle myself in the passenger seat of our car (some cars are easier than others, but I feel like either a toddler or Walt’s mother--I have to have him buckle me in when we get into the car). It’s nearly a year, for Pete’s sake and I still can’t buckle myself into the damn car seat!

It hurts to put my hand into my pocket...once it gets there it’s fine, but getting it into the pocket is painful--that’s pretty pathetic.

It also hurts to wash parts of my body that are difficult to reach---and there’s the rub.

One reason they are so difficult to reach is that there is so much area to work around. The reason why it hurts to get my had into my pocket is because my ^%#$@ hips stick out so far.

We sat next to some waif at the theatre the other night. She sat in the seat next to Walt and could have fit her identical twin next to her, with room to spare (turned out she was the assistant publicity person and a lovely person....but so damn thin!), while I was busy tucking rolls of flab in around me so they wouldn’t flop over onto the man sitting next to me (the one who was already having his own problems with the action on stage!)

Now for someone who is relatively intelligent, it certainly has taken me a long time to realize that if there were less of me, it would be easier to reach around behind myself, to work that arm to get mobility back.

So forget all the fancy excuses I’ve told myself for the past two years about losing weight.

Forget all the lofty goals, the altruistic sounding "I just want to be healthy" crap.

I need to lose the fat so I can reach around behind myself and get this damn arm mobile again.


This isn’t rocket science, Beverly.

There is a chance...I don't want to jinx it by saying it's likely...but there is a chance we will have a working bathroom this week.

Scott has finished the painting and as soon as the new sink comes (the first one had to be re-done because the marble guys screwed up), all that is left to do is put in the sink, put the tile on the floor, replace the floor boards and put in the mirror.

He was talking about possibly the end of this week.  Hold the good thought.


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Friday at the UC Davis Arboretum

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Weight Lost to date:  43.8 lbs

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