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~ Gavin Newsom

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13 March 2004

I’m surprised at how depressed I am.

It’s not like the halting of the same sex marriages in San Francisco comes as a surprise to anybody.

It’s not like this affects me directly, other than my happiness for my friends who were able to finally make their commitment to each other legal.

But when the news came down yesterday that the California Supreme Court had called a halt to the performing of gay marriages in San Francisco and won’t be hearing a case until May or June the bottom dropped out of my stomach.

I can only imagine how Ellen and Shelly felt.

I can only imagine how Cathy and Linda felt.

I can only imagine how Keltie and Joy and their children felt.

I can only imagine how the thousands of others felt, especially those who were in line waiting for their appointments. (One guy was quoted as saying "Now I understand how African Americans felt when they tried to vote.")

In the past month, it seemed like things were snowballing. After Mayor Newsom’s courageous stand in permitting gay marriages in San Francisco, pockets of brave officials in other parts of the country stood up and started to be counted.

In Rhode Island legislation was introduced to legalize gay marriages.

Mayor Jason West of New Polz, NY began marrying gay couples.

Chicago Mayor Richard Daly voiced support for same sex marriage and says he has "no problem with the issue at all."

The mayor of Ithaca announced plans to begin issuing licenses to same gender couples.

The District of Columbia began to investigate whether such marriage licenses could be issued in George Bush's back yard.

In Sandoval County, New Mexico, they began issuing licenses.

Both Maine and Maryland defeated anti-gay marriage bills.

The DMV in San Francisco began to recognize the marriage licenses for purposes of changing names on drivers' licenses.

There was talk of starting marriages in New Jersey.

Schwarzenegger told Jay Leno it would be OK with him if judge changed state law.

The mayor of Plattsburgh, NY came out in favor of gay marriages.

Two judges in California refused to halt the gay marriages.

The Oakland (CA) city council petititioned the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to allow same sex marriages to be performed in Alameda County.

The clerk of Multnomah County, Oregon began issuing licenses to same gender couples and a judge refused to stop the marriages from taking place.

The mayor of Seattle announced that the city government would recognize as valid marriages performed in other states.

It looked like Massachusetts was on track to legalize gay marriages.

Newspaper articles all over the country began to come out in favor of same sex marriage and vehemently against President Bush’s call for constitutionalized discrimination of gay people.

While the only thing that has changed at this very moment in time is the halting of the marriages, somehow it seems that as much as it was snowballing, suddenly things will begin to turn back.

It may be that 4,161 couples married in San Francisco this past month will now be told by their government that their joy is to be taken away from them.

It may be that 4,161 couples who suddenly could consider themselves equal to all the other married couples in the country will be told by their government that they no longer have equal status with the rest of married couples in the country.

It may be that 4,161 couples who felt they were on track to participating fully in all the rights and privileges that married couples have automatically are going to have all of those rights and privileges removed by their government.

This issue does not concern me personally, but it concerns me as a citizen of this country, a citizen who enjoys the rights and privileges of marriage and who feels that Ellen and Shelly, Cathy and Linda, Keltie and Joy and the other 4,159 couples who are in committed relationships--and currently legally married--deserve nothing less.

Same gender marriage is inevitable throughout this country. Perhaps this is not the time for it, though it seemed like it.  Like mixed race marriage was eventually legalized, same sex marriage will eventually be legalized.  An enlightened new generation of American citizens will ultimately accept nothing less.  But it concerns me that Del and Phyllis, who waited 50 years to be allowed to marry, may soon be told their marriage is invalid, and they may not live long enough to see that dream finally realized once and for all.


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