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We walked along the creek when we walked through the arboretum yesterday.  I sure do like ducks and I saw a lot of them.  I wanted to chase them all, but that damn red cloth held me closely to my person and she wouldn't let me to play with the ducks.

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28 June 2004

We had an enjoyable, low key anniversary.

It had been, so far, a 2-show weekend. We saw Neil Simon’s Rumors at the University on Thursday and I had to stay awake to write to review that night and then on Friday night we saw Davis Musical Theatre Company’s Damn Yankees. (Fortunately that review didn’t need to be in until Monday)

In anticipation of our third show for the weekend, I took a nice long nap in the afternoon and was glad that I had.

We went to dinner first at Ludy's Barbecue.   We had never been there before so didn't know what to expect, but it was next door to the Woodland Opera House, where we were going, and it seemed the most convenient place to eat.  We didn't go for their famous barbecue ribs, but instead ordered prime rib (it was our anniversary and all, you know) and got slabs of meat still sort of mooing, which would have made Dr. Atkins proud.  Thick beef, nearly fork tender, and just delicious.

I suggested to Walt that we think about doing something "big" for our 40th anniversary and maybe take a trip to Italy.  He said he's been wanting to take a Rick Steeves tour, so maybe we'll do that next year.  But this year it was just dinner and a show.

edlos.jpg (25570 bytes)The show was The Edlos 60s show. 

The Edlos, "The Bad Boys of A Capella, is a group that formed some 16 years ago.  Three of the original guys came out of Donald Pippin's Pocket Opera, a long-time San Francisco instituion.

The Edlos, however, is about as far from "Opera" as you can get!

Ed Cohn and Larry Venza had been performing with Pocket Opera for several years, but Eric Morris was new to the group and had just graduated from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music when the group decided to form The Edlos.  Eric had been singing with The Lamplighters.

Eric.jpg (36240 bytes)I remember when Eric joined The Lamplighters, a fresh-faced kid with a Pavarotti-like look who was new to the business and who said that it was his music teacher who changed his life, and channeled his bad boy ways into music.   Talent was flowing out him like flop sweat and he took to the Lamplighter stage in principal roles from the beginning.

He also took to a friend of mine and began a long-term affair which occasionally put me in the awkward position of being in the middle, the go-between, the facilitator (not the last time I would play that role, unfortunately).

I still remember when Eric turned 21.  He had been devouring Kurt Vonnegut books and I was in my cake decorating days, so I made him a cake with the design taken off of Vonnegut's "Breakfast of Champions" only called it "Birthday of Champions."  We served the cake backstage at a Lamplighter rehearsal or performance (I forget which).  Frustrating that I have 40 bazillion photos of cakes I decorated over the years, but can't find Eric's.

eric2.jpg (21242 bytes)It was strange seeing Eric last night.  He's now in his 40s, has a bit of a paunch and is greying at the temples.  When I look at him, it reminds me how long it's been since I first met that fresh-faced young Pavarotti look-alike. 

But then I think about talking with Tom yesterday.  I told Tom that we were going to be seeing Eric.  "Tell him hello for me," Tom said.  "Let him know that I can still raise one eyebrow at a time.  He taught me that."

That brought back memories of Tom and David, as little kids, sitting on Eric's knee trying to learn the eyebrow thing.

When I realize that Tom also talked about the addition he and his wife are thinking of putting on their house in Santa Barbara, that makes me realize how old I'm getting!

I shouldn't need reminders of how old I'm getting.  All I have to do is look at how much grey hair Ned has, or feel my hips when I get in the car after climbing the hill out of the drainage channel after letting Sheila take me for a run in the morning.

Wasn't it just yesterday when we were all young?


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Do you think Sheila might be trying to herd her toys?
I try putting them away; she takes all of them, including
anything else she can carry--like water dishes, flower pots, etc.
and gathers them all into this one area of the back yard.

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