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25 June 2004

I know that from time to time I get on my soap box about various issues in the world today.  I especially get hot under the collar about gay rights issues, lately same gender marriage.

But the reality is that I don't pay a lot of attention to current events.

I'm one of those irresponsible people who get most of their news of the world from sound bytes on the morning or evening news.  The most in-depth studies to which I am exposed are found on 60 Minutes and talk radio, which I only listen to in the car.

I am, thus, not really a well-informed person (just opinionated!).

There was a time when I read at the San Francisco Chronicle (mostly the theatre section, to see who we knew was doing what in which theatre), but Walt takes it to work, so I've gotten out of the habit of even trying to read it.  I've gotten so out of the habit of reading The Chronicle that even when he is home and the paper is here all day, I don't think to read it. 

The only time I take an interest in the local newspaper is when I know that one of my reviews is going to be printed that day (there is something about reading something I've written in newsprint that makes it sound different than it does on my computer screen), or when I'm waiting to see if one of my letters to the editor is printed.

In 30+ years of living in this town, I've never attended a city council meeting except the night that Ellen and Shelly were being given a resolution, and I went along to take photos.  I don't even watch the live broadcast of city council meetings.

There was a time when I did occasionally tune in on the live broadcasts of city council meetings.  But that wasn't because of a rabid interest in local politics.  It was because Tom was the cameraman, a job he held briefly while he was in high school (at the same time he was also the cameraman for the high school girls' volleyball team).   It was always fun to watch the broadcast and guess what was going on behind the camera.  When the camera slowly panned down to the floor and stayed there, you knew Tom had fallen asleep.

(Little known Davis lore!)

However, I've suddenly become politically aware.

I eagerly awaited the delivery of The Enterprise yesterday so I could check the report from the previous night's City Council meeting.  I happened to come across a notice the day before which said that the Council would be taking up the issue of a replacement dog park, now that they have closed down the dog walk area adjacent to the cemetery.

In a marvelous piece of bad timing, we got an active new dog three days after the dog walk area closed down.

Yes, the drainage channel is a great place to walk Sheila.  She loves it, and she's much, much better now than she was at first.  Clicker-training has worked wonders and she comes 99% of the time she's called. 

She is also learning phrases like "No--go that way," which I use when she looks at the path that leads up to the bike path.  And she turns around and "goes that way."  She takes off after a dog on the high road, I call and click and she races back to get a treat then "goes that way" when I point in the opposite direction.

But each time I start getting smug, she surprises me.  She loves running with joggers, but she's been pretty good at coming back when I call her.  Today, however, she found the jogger (apparently) irresistible and though she came back twice, by the time she'd had two treats, she decided that running took preference over a third treat and off she went.

We are bonding more and so I know that she won't run away, but the end of the channel is a busy road and I fear that she will run out into traffic and get hit.   She did, in fact, come running back eventually, as I huffed and puffed down the channel, whistling for her all the way, but before that I had seen her up on the overpass that is along F Street and there was no way I could get to her in time.

And so, the idea of Davis having its own fenced in dog area where I can take Sheila to "find a friend" has suddenly assumed great importance for me.

To my delight, the city has agreed on a dog park area, which will be finished in a year or so (swell), but also they agreed to not one, but two interim areas which will be fenced off and, if the newspaper report is to be believed, should be ready for us in two weeks. 

One of the proposed dog areas is very close to where we live.  I'll probably still drive there, since by the time we walk down there it will be time to turn around and come home (and she'll pull at the leash all the way), but if it gives her the chance to interact with some other dogs, that will be great.

What I'm really looking for is "Doggie Day Care," like Olivia has, only I want to go too, and I want it to be free.

It looks like the city is going to be taking care of that for me very, very soon.



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