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I think we are drawn to dogs because they are the uninhibited creatures we might be if we weren't certain we knew better.

~ George Bird Evans
"Troubles with Bird Dogs"

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The Elegant Gathering
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by Kris Radish


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I made a new friend today.  His name was Kemo and his butt smelled good.  He was very big and was more interested in playing with the ball than with me, but I sure had fun chasing him all over the place.




18 June 2004

fireplug.jpg (59264 bytes)Sheila and I made a marvelous discovery today.

My friend Barb and I  go walking one day a week, or every other week.  She lives 20 miles from here and so one week she comes here and the next week I go there.

She and I walked in Davis the week that Sheila arrived and we took her for a walk with us.  Barb suggested that on our next walk, we take Sheila to the dog park in Fairfield, where she lives.

Sheila was quite confused because it was nearly 7 a.m., dammit, and we were still at home without going off to the drainage channel.  She kept her eyes on me and would occasionally grab the leash in her teeth as if to say..."Welll????"

I was amused when we arrived at the fenced off area that there was a golden fireplug in front of the gate.  (Of course, the glow and the flash in the picture were things that I added myself).

This is what Davis needs.  It's a beautiful big area, with chairs and tables for the people whose dogs are playing.  People apparently bring balls and just leave them because there were balls of all size lying around the yard.

There was plastic wading pool filled with water and a touch of whimsy in the faucet where you could fill a dish with fresh water for the dog to drink.

fireplug2.jpg (52678 bytes)

(I didn't see a fountain for people)

When we first got there there were no other dogs and I was disappointed, because Sheila so desperately is looking for a pal to play with.  But it gave me some time to practice Sheila's new training, coming to a clicker and getting a cube of cheese as a reward, and dropping a ball after she runs after it.  She's starting to get the hang of things.

Then Kemo showed up.

kemotongue.jpg (48656 bytes)Kemo had one of the longest tongues.

He was a Rotteweiler/Shepherd mix (127 lbs, his owner says) who could fit a whole kick ball in his mouth and was more interested in chasing the ball around the yard than running around with this pipsqueak who wanted to play (in that he was not unlike Kimba).  But Sheila certainly got a lot of exercise chasing him around.

I guess we spent about 30-45 minutes in the fenced off area and after Sheila had begun to slow down a bit, we left the dog park went walking a bit more around the bigger park and checked out some Canada and other geese at the nearby lake.    My batteries ran down before I could get really good pictures of the newborn goslings, though I did get a couple.

But the fog was coming over the hills (how lovely--it's hot in Davis today and the fog looked SO good!) and there was a wind whipping off of the lake, so we didn't stay too long.  However, I've decided I'm going to take Sheila there to the park once or twice a week.  It's the perfect place to take a dog, without having to worry about having her off leash and running away.  Tomorrow we'll be back at he drainage channel, but this sure was a fun change of pace today.

Ooops...I just remembered that there are still cheese treats in my fanny pack.  Better go get those in the fridge!

seal.jpg (28031 bytes)Sometimes the mail brings such delightful surprises.  The mailman once told me I got more international mail than anyone in Davis.  But these days, I get so much e-mail that I rarely get snail mail at all any more, other than bills and umpteen catalogs from fat lady stores.  But today there was a big envelope from the Netherlands with a beautiful golden seal on the back of it.

I didn't recognize the name and wondered if it was my friend Henriet, who hasn't written in years, and who is now married, so I wouldn't have recognized her new name.  Or maybe it was on of my mother's in-laws, but I couldn't figure out why they would be writing to me. 

But it wasn't Henriet and it wasn't the in-laws.  It was from a delightful lady named Dorothy who has been reading this journal for a long time and didn't want to bother me with e-mail so sent me a beautiful letter.  It absolutely made my day.  Hi, Dorothy--you can send me e-mail any time!  I loved hearing from you!


goslings.jpg (33191 bytes)

The little goose family was so cute.
I don't know if this is Mom, Dad and Auntie, or 3 Moms

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