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They call this one "grandma."  She's fun to play with.   She lets me get away with murder.




14 June 2004

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It was a beautiful wedding.

My cousin's daughter, Karen, was married to her Eric yesterday in a lovely garden wedding in a hidden-away facility somewhere off a busy street in Sacramento.

It was a smallish affair with lots of family.  Karen is a very tall, statuesque blonde and made a beautiful bride walking down the aisle with her 6'7" father.

K-fred.jpg (49513 bytes)

K-flowergirl.jpg (29895 bytes)They were preceded down the aisle by the most conscientious flower girl I've ever seen.  This girl had apparently been told to drop the petals one at a time, and by god, she was going to drop them one at a time if it took her forEVer to get to the front of the crowd, but she was very cute and very absorbed in her task.

Following the formal ceremony, we sat at a table with my cousin Peach (and her husband), her sister Mandy (and her husband) and Peach's son, Mike (who is also my godson) and his wife.  My mother was the queen bee.

I love attending these things with my mother and it always make me a little jealous that the familial traits that rubbed off on me were my anti-social father's, not my gregarious mother's.  My father was the guy who crossed the street to avoid meeting someone he knew coming in his direction and hung a "go away" sign on his front door.  My mother knows everyone, likes everyone, is liked by everyone.   She has the social calendar of a popular teenage beauty queen.  She knows how to talk to people.   She remembers all the family history of everyone.  She particularly likes the younger kids in the family and relates to them very well (I often think she relates to my own kids better than I do).

k-karen.jpg (33019 bytes)

K-anthony.jpg (36714 bytes)
My cousin Peach's grandson Anthony, whose goal
in life is to beat my mother at a game...any game

K-twins.jpg (36303 bytes)
The twins, Mackenzie and Madison

And she has a wonderful rapport with Peach and her husband, who seem to spend more time at my mother's house than I do.

k-peach.jpg (35462 bytes)
with Peach

It was a nice, low-key afternoon with no tension, no problems, and lots of chance to revel in the whole "family" concept.  The last time we were all together like this was at my uncle's funeral (the bride's grandfather).  We all agreed that this was a decidedly more pleasant way to get together with your relatives than a funeral!

We're all set, now, for the family reunion later this summer!



K-family.jpg (58233 bytes)

The bride and her family (minus the groom)

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