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"A small minority of beatniks, radicals, and filthy speech advocates ... brought such shame to a great university."

~ Reagan, '66, complaining about student protests against Vietnam on the Berkeley campus.

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Breakfast:  Special K
Lunch:  Toasted Cheese sandwich
Dinner:  Chili


The Elegant Gathering
of White Snows

by Kris Radish


The Producers
(touring Broadway show)

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This is my favorite toy.  Some time after dinner, I get the urge to play when the bipeds in the house want to sit and watch that funny looking box.   But I don't let them.  I keep bringing them this toy and they throw it for me for over 30 minutes, just to keep me occupied, so I'll sleep well when it's time to go to bed.

Today a new guy came to the house.  They called him "Ned."  He played with me and together we managed to tear this toy apart.   Now I have two toys instead of one.




10 June 2004

We’re going off to see the touring company of The Producers tonight--the show I’ve been waiting to see all season (there are times when I just love being a critic!). So I’m doing a cop-out entry tonight. Found one of those quiz thingies somewhere awhile back and thought I’d just post that instead of anything insightful. So here goes:

What three craft projects are you the most proud of?

I’m not basically a "crafty" person, or at least don’t think of myself as one. I’m entirely too lazy and too sloppy, but I did make a wonderful quilt for Ned when he was at the height of his Superman craze. I took a poster of Superman and turned it into an almost lifesize quilt. I wish I could find a photo of it. I was VERY proud of that.

I’m also kind of proud of the stuff I’m doing in altered books. I joined the group for the fun of interacting with the others, but it’s turned out to be really quite a good project--and I’m not as bad as I thought I’d be.

Finally, would have to be the scrapbooks I’ve kept all my life, especially after I started doing fancy kind of layouts. I really am proud of those.

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of personal advice, what would it be?

Well, I think it would be the piece of advice that I took to heart after Gilbert died and which I hope I have put into practice ever since--that being, always speak your love, never let people you care go without hearing those words from you.

What are your favorite fragrances?

I’m not a fragrance person, as far as perfume goes. I love the smell of baby powder, of fresh coffee, and of the ocean.

What's the best thing you ever found at a garage sale?

I don’t do garage sales, so I can’t think of anything, even though I may have purchased something a time or two in my life.

If you could choose what to have at your last meal, what would it be?

Leg of lamb, garlic mashed potatoes, petite peas, and creme brulee from Higgins restaurant in Portland.

Do you ever worry about privacy issues? (e.g. who reads your journal)

When I started this, I told everybody about it and didn’t worry about it at all. I have, however, had a few unpleasant things happen, people reading things I never dreamed they’d find, so now I’m a bit more circumspect--but not much.

What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?

As far as plain alcohol, gin.  With mixed drinks, it would be either a Manhattan or, if I'm feeling exotic, a Mai Tai. However, I'm not a big drinker.

What are usually the first three Web sites that you check each day?

I check to see if Joan has made her scrabble move so I know if it’s my turn or not; I check Marn’s journal (to see if she’s updated it), and I check Steve’s discussion board.

What was your favorite family vacation ever?

Hands down, it was the trip we took to England and Ireland after my father died (his life savings paid for it). The kids were all old enough that they could go off on their own, so it didn’t get to be too much "togetherness." It was my first time in another country, something I never ever thought I’d experience. We met fantastic relatives in Ireland. Everything was absolutely perfect. And it’s amazing the kind of bonding you can do with your kids over a pint of beer in a pub!

If you won a week's vacation to any country in the world, where would you pick?

I would have said Australia, but now that I’ve been there and done that, probably Africa. I’d love to go on a photo safari, but suspect my body is not up to the demands to get a really fulfilling trip out of it, so it’s good that I’m not likely to win a week’s vacation in Africa!

I wouldn't mind exploring Italy, though.

What is the worst thing you ever ate?

It’s a toss-up between liver (in any form) and durian.

What is your favorite breakfast?

I almost never have it, but I really truly love pancakes, dripping with butter and real maple syrup, and especially with a side of bacon or sausage (love the sweet and salt combination). I never make them at home any more and am too embarrassed to order them in a restaurant, so I can't remember the last time I had it.

What are you like when you're angry? (e.g. do you yell? say what's on your mind or keep it inside? etc.)

I have been told that I suffer in silence, mostly. I actually don’t often get angry--there’s not much point in it. I’m not a yeller. Sometimes I say what’s on my mind. Sometimes not. I don’t stay angry for long.

What was the last thing you really enjoyed reading?

Probably the last Dan Brown novel I read (I think that was "Point Deception").  I've read several books since then, but that one was the last real "gripper," I think.

What do you like the least about your journal?

I hate it when I know I’m being boring. Like today, for example.

What do you like most about your journal?

The challenging of NOT being boring, of writing a daily "column" so that if I ever get the chance to do a column like this for a newspaper, I can say that I’ve been doing it now for over four years!

---There. Now wasn’t that boring???

ADDENDUM:  The body's hardly even cold and this afternoon, as the casket was making its way down Connecticut Avenue, my e-mail brought me an offer a "rare two-disk box DVD set" of "Ronald Reagan:  The Great Communicator."  And so it begins.  First we canonize him and now we're going to capitalize on his memory.  Ahhh...it's a great country.


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The real truth about kangaroos

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