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The Elegant Gathering
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  • Meeting Anna, finally

  • Getting Michelle's book in the mail, ready to alter.

  • Getting the good news about Appleberry.




4 June 2004

It was a busy day today.

Today was the day I was finally going to meet Anna, who is here from Sydney with her husband for his daughter’s high school graduation. The last time they were in the area, our schedules didn’t mesh and we missed the chance to finally see each other, but we were determined to meet this time around.

I had agreed to get to their hotel at 11, which gave me some time in the morning. Since Joan’s husband was going in for surgery (explained in her journal entry today--the accidental drug reaction which may have saved his life!) and will thus be unable to get to the gym during his recovery, and since Joan is not able to drive right now, today seemed to be the best day to finally get out to the gym and join it.

Yes, I’ve joined a gym again.

Actually, we have joined a gym. I pointed out to Walt that it was cheaper for the two of us to join under the "Senior Couple" plan (when did I get to be a "senior" ?) and he agreed, but we just haven’t done anything about it.

So before I headed off to meet Anna, I stopped by, filled out the paperwork, left them with a check, and then turned my wheels northward for the 30-45 minute drive up to Folsom.

I was a little early and so drove around in the two shopping centers near the hotel, one an outlet store, another just a small place with some shops, though not really even a strip mall. At one point (I didn’t tell Anna this) I saw a man, a woman and a child in a stroller walking along out of a health club. "I’m sure that’s them," I said to myself, but it was so close to the time I was supposed to meet them at the hotel, I decided it probably wasn’t.

When I got to the hotel, I went up to their room, but it was empty and only the cleaning woman was there. I went back to the elevators and started to get in to go downstairs, when the elevator door opened and who got out? The man, woman, and child in a stroller I’d passed by the health club.

We went downstairs for coffee and sat around chatting until young Mae (just two) started getting tired, when we went upstairs to give her lunch

Mae.jpg (48724 bytes)
2 year old Mae likes her veggies

She went down for a nap while her father settled in to get some work done.   Anna and I went off to Java City to get some lunch.

It's very strange when you meet someone whose life you've shared, via her journal, for many years.  There is none of the "tell me all about yourself" awkwardness to be gone through.  You instantly slip into discussing mutual "friends" that neither of you has met, or filling in gaps of information that you don't put in your journal.  It was delightful.

AnnaFamily.jpg (72302 bytes)

When it was time for Anna to go back to the hotel, I drove back to Davis, discovered that my next book to alter had arrived (such fun!) and I did some working on transcription until Walt came home. 

Next we went out to Woodland to check on "The Dog."  I liked her when I met her a week or so ago, but she had me today when I sat down and she put her head in my lap and looked up at me with those big eyes.  So I guess we've added a new member to our family.

She seems to be a real sweetheart and our first stop was at Petco to get her a collar and toys.  Even Walt, who has been rolling his eyes at this whole idea of mine, says she's a "real sweetie."  She is curled up on my feet as I write this.


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"I don't know it yet, but my name is Sheila"

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