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Now since man is naturally inclined to avoid pain- and since labor is pain in itself- it follows that men will resort to plunder whenever plunder is easier than work. History shows this quite clearly. And under these conditions, neither religion nor morality can stop it.

When, then, does plunder stop? It stops when it becomes more painful and more dangerous than labor.

It is evident, then, that the proper purpose of law is to use the power of its collective force to stop this fatal tendency to plunder instead of to work. All the measures of the law should protect property and punish plunder.

~ Frederic Bastiat

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15 January 2004

Four years ago, at midnight, Walt and I walked into an Executive Suites in Lafayette and checked in, carrying only a movie poster.  No luggage.

We had gone to a special screening of the as yet unreleased movie Topsy Turvey, the story of the writing of The Mikado. We went with a group of people from The Lamplighters and had a lovely evening.

Given the difficulty of parking in downtown San Francisco, we parked the car at a BART station in Orinda and took the BART train into the City. It was absolutely perfect because there was a BART station right in front of the building where the movie screening was taking place.

The movie was over around 11 p.m. and we hopped back on BART and went to Orinda.

The problem was that when we got there, our car was gone. It had been stolen. We went through all the paperwork with the guard at the BART station, filed a police report and then, having no way to get back to Davis, we went to the end of the line where BART stopped a block or so from an Embassy Suites.

I have to admit that for someplace we stumbled into at midnight, it wasn't bad. One of the nicest places we’ve stayed and it came with a fantastic continental breakfast.

In the morning we rode BART back down to the Oakland AMTRAK station, got on the train and came home to Davis. Our friend RoseMarie met us at the train station and drove us home.

It happened right before Christmas in the year that Paul died. As Paul would have said, "Merry F-ing Christmas."

Our insurance agent OK’d our renting a car for up to six weeks and I remember taking Walt’s rickety old truck in to Woodland to pick up the car. The truck was in such bad shape that we didn’t dare take it on the highway, but took the frontage road as far as we could.

They had told us when we filed the police report that a lot of times kids take the cars from the BART station to go joyriding and that we’d probably get the car back in a day or two. But "a day or two" stretched into the full six weeks and finally AAA gave us blue book for the car and we went and bought a new one (or, more accurately, a new used one). It took me awhile to bond with the new Honda. I’d really loved our Toyota, but I finally did learn to love it.

(They did find the car finally, by the way. It was a testament to the efficiency of police investigations. It was parked on the street in Berkeley with two parking tickets on it. It had been reported stolen for 6 weeks and nobody had checked to see if it was a stolen car when they ticketed it!)

I always worried about the Honda, after hearing that the two cars which are stolen the most are the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord, and we’d replaced our Camry with an Accord.

Last night Walt went to the San Francisco symphony, parked in the Lafayette BART lot, took BART to the city, had a lovely evening at the symphony, came back car. We’ve had yet another car stolen.. So he filed the paperwork, checked into a motor lodge (doesn’t even have a movie poster with him this time), and will take the train back to Davis.

I’m just grateful that I forgot to suggest to him that he move this huge box we have to send to Jeri into the car before he left and that her stuff is still sitting in the living room.

I think for his birthday, I’m going to get Walt "The Club."

And I don’t think we’ll get a Toyota or a Honda this time.


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Well, I guess we won't see THIS scene again.... sigh


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