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9 January 2003

Our last National Geographic arrived recently. At least it’s the "one extra copy" they gave us because we hadn’t renewed our subscription yet. "If you don’t renew this time, we’re really really not going to send you another one."

I have this theory about National Geographic. I swear that at birth, every child in the world is given a subscription to National Geographic. You never remember paying for them. They just come. And come. And come. It’s why you can’t get rid of them –- everybody has all the same magazines that you do.

Does anybody ever read the thing? We must have 30 years worth of National Geogrpahics here. I love the photos, some of them. But I don’t remember reading one single article in all those 30 years.

If you try to donate them to the library or a school, they throw up their hands and scream "NO! NOT ANOTHER COLLECTION OF NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICS!!"

You can’t throw them away –- they’re too heavy and too slick to be burned.

And besides, you have too much respect for National Geographic to just toss it aside callously.

So they get stacked. And stacked. And stacked.

My father may have been one of the few people in the world who did not have a collection of National Geographics. Maybe he’d been shoved into a dark corner of the nursery the day the National Geographic rep came through handing out baby subscriptions.

But he did collect Life magazine all through World War II. It was his feeling that someday they would be historical and he could make a lot of money out of them.

That was before I became a Judy Garland fanatic.

One day I discovered this stack of magazines, took my scissors and cut out every photo of Judy Garland that appeared in any Life magazine (I was young and had no concept of the value of "originals" in later years). My father was devastated. But there were still lots of uncut magazines and he stored them in a back corner of the basement.

Then the flood came. A water pipe broke or something and the Life magazines were in the way and many, many of them became soaked and had to be thrown away.

I smirked that at least I had rescued all of that valuable Judy Garland documentation before he had to toss the magazines.

Before he died, he always told me that his collection of records would be my legacy. He had collected jazz records all his life, starting with 78s. He had all sorts of rare recordings and a huge collection.

After he died, I tried to find a buyer for the records, but nobody was interested. Scratchy recordings had been remastered, collections had been released, CDs were coming in with better quality sound. I called all over the place trying to unload my "legacy." I finally found a guy who was willing to come out and cart them all away –- many, many boxes full -- and give me $200 for them. My father must sure have tossed and turned in his grave to hear how little I could get for his lifelong passion.

(Still haven't found anybody interested in the 78s -- know anybody?)

But I took the remaining Life magazines to a used book store and was given $300 for them. One box of partly soaked magazines for $300. I didn’t even shop around, as I realize now I should have.

Every time I see an old ad from a Life magazine, cut out, framed and on sale for $100 in an antique store, I kick myself wondering if I could have gotten a lot more if I’d done some more investigation.

Recently I was standing in a CompUSA looking at computer programs. I found a couple that looked kind of interesting and I was in the middle of looking at the prices when I realized what I was doing -– I was checking on the entire colleciton of Life and National Geographic on CD.



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