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Two different judges have now recognized that San Francisco’s commitment to treating same-sex couples equally under the law causes no irreparable harm to opponents of marriage equality.  In fact, the greater harm is experienced by couples who are denied equality, or who now live in fear that their marriages will be destroyed by the state. 

~Geoffrey Kors
Executive Director, Equality California

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21 February 2004

buds.jpg (44211 bytes)It may still be the dead of winter, but there are signs of spring around here. There are buds swelling on our nectarine tree and apple blossoms already blooming on the gravenstein apple tree.

The trees which line F Street are almost in full blossom and I hope to get out and take pictures of them. When the first rain comes, it washes off a lot of the blossoms and it’s never quite the same, but for a few days of each year, the sight can be breathtaking.

I met my friend Kathy for lunch in Sacramento today and it was good to get together. The main topic of conversation was all the exciting news that continues to be made in San Francisco regarding gay marriage.

Today a second judge denied the opposition’s request for an "emergency order" to stop the city from issuing marriage licenses. Also, the city filed a suit against the State of California, declaring its rule defining marriage as only between a man and a woman to be unconstitutional.

California State Senator Carol Migden today married her partner of 19 years.

ellenshellyweding.jpg (11303 bytes)

Ellen and Shelly being married by
Assemblyman Mark Leno
after 30 years together.
Photo by The Davis Enterprise

Kathy, whose son son is gay and has a partner who does not live in the United States, is watching things with great interest, hoping that some day in the foreseeable future, her son and his partner may be able to live together legally in this country.  At the moment, there is no way his partner could be permitted permanent residency in this country, and so the two must live apart, or live illegally.

It’s funny how an issue like this polarizes people. The letters to the editor in our little hometown newspaper tonight is full of letters from people on both sides of the issue (no letter from me – I haven’t written one yet).

One letter very much surprised me, since it was vehemently against gay marriage, and referred to "sin" and all the usual stuff. The letter itself didn’t surprise me. It’s the same rhetoric I see all the time. But the signature – someone I know, who has been friendly with several gay couples for many years – very much surprised me. To learn that the writer has extended a friendly hand to people he considers sinners and whose union he would deny kind of shocked me a lot. Makes me wonder what parties will be like in the future...

The cat is definitely out of the bag. Massachusetts will soon decide for itself the issue of gay marriage for that state. At the same time, a county in New Mexico has also begun issuing marriage licenses to gay couples and has married its first lesbian couple.

I hope that Kathy’s son will, in time, be able to legally bring his partner to this country. We once felt it was an abomination when people of mixed races married. We now look back on that ban as silly. Let’s hope that we will very soon feel the same way about same gender marriages.

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marriage2.gif (43044 bytes)

These photos were taken from this web site.

I loved all the photos of parents bringing their children to their weddings.  One grammar school teacher brought her class to watch history in the making.  It should be noted that San Francisco has now performed nearly 3,000 gay weddings and there has been no major seismic activity in Northern California.  Civilizations have not collapsed.  Life has gone on, but there are a lot of tax-paying American citizens who finally feel that they are equal to their straight neighbors.



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Another photo from this web site


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