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~ Helen Keller

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20 February 2004

I have to mention that I have the absolute BEST readers in the world and the absolute most supportive notify list. I’m not going to expand on that, for reasons that those on the list know, but I have to say publicly that my heart is very full today, thanks to all you people.

Scott was back this morning with more stuff to slather on the walls of the bathroom. "The quicker I get it done, the faster it will dry so we can get this finished," he said, while he bounded up the stairs once again. I think I love this guy. He is, indeed, as his truck license says, a "hand-ee guy"!!

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While Scott was spackling, I spent the day tackling the "back porch."

Now, "back porch" is a misnomer. This house has no "porch," front or back. It’s basically a box with a side door and a back door, but neither opens out onto a porch.

Our original house, in Oakland, had both a front and back porch.

The front porch was wide and wonderful. We could sit in chairs and wave to our neighbors while the kids played on the front lawn. When the kids were babies, I would move a crib out there and let them get a little filtered sun while the watched the multi-colored mobile hanging overhead.

Nowadays, I suppose I wouldn’t be quite so cavalier about being in and out of the house while the kids played and babies sunned themselves, but those were more innocent times.

I loved the front porch and I missed it when we moved here.

We live in a neighborhood where the houses were designed for people’s attentions to be focused toward the back of the house. Many have no front windows at all, just slits of window at the roof line, to let in some light. But then there will be two large sliding glass doors to the back yard, and people live their lives in their back yard.

Well, we wanted to see out. Our "front door" opens to the side of the house onto the carport, so we don’t even see out when we look out the door. We have nice windows that open on the street, but it’s not the same as having a big front porch.

We also had a small back porch in our Oakland house. It was teeny, and its function was to hold the washer and dryer and to give entree to the back yard. There was always a lot of activity on the back porch, with five children, three in diapers, to wash for!

When we moved here, the house had a laundry room. It’s an interior room, off the kitchen, and does have a window that looks out on the fence at the side of the house.

But we had been accustomed to doing our laundry on "the back porch" and so the term stuck. Thirty years later I’m still doing laundry on a non-existent back porch.

The back porch is also a sort of a pantry. Walt built shelves for food and shelves for storage. Over the years, the storage just keeps accumulating and ever since I started flying with The Fly Lady, I’ve been meaning to make that my next priority. Today was The Day.

It was a little daunting at first. Where do you start?

The logical place was with paper plates, cups and tableware. We have more than most people, because people would help by bringing us disposables after David’s and Paul’s deaths, knowing that we would be feeding a lot of people. But there are lots of leftovers. Too many to just throw away and I do use them occasionally, but they don’t need to be front and center on the storage shelves. I realized that I have what I thought was an unused cabinet over the refrigerator and that seemed the perfect place.

When I opened that cabinet I found where those fondue sets I thought I’d misplaced had gone. Does anyone eat fondue any more? I can’t remember the last time I had fondue...and, in fact, that last time I thought about it, I couldn’t find a fondue pot. Now I know where they are.

So the paper plates, cups and plastic utensils now share the cupboard with the fondue pots and there is lots of room on the back porch to rearrange the things I want to save, and a big box full of things I now longer envision using ever again in my life.

Tomorrow there are the kitchen cupboards to straighten out, and then it’s on to a second assault on the linen closet. Maybe it’s time to throw away the 50 year old movie projector... (yes, 50 years old–it was Walt’s parents’).

And on a final note –  thanks for all the great birthday wishes!


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