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The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

~ Oprah Winfrey

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18 February 2004
Happy birthday, Peggy

The birthday fairy has had a busy day, and she’s been a very nice little fairy.

I woke up feeling well enough to go to work. A good thing! It had been a whole week (plus the holiday) since I’d been there and it was nice to be back. I left Walt at home, nursing his own cold. He sounds like I did a week ago, and I know how miserable he feels.

Cindy, whose office is in the same complex where my office is, dropped by with some flowers to wish me a happy birthday. I hadn’t told anyone at the office what today was, and everyone was so busy nobody thought to ask about the flowers, so I was able to keep it a secret.

After work was over, I stopped off at home and discovered some e-cards and some snail mail cards. I also discovered Scott upstairs working on the bathroom.

Yes, the birthday fairy brought forth a bathtub and sheetrock. The bathroom is coming along.

Bathroomday2sm.jpg (22222 bytes)

OK – I’ll toss this out to everyone. You’ve seen the bathroom tile. I have to decide on wall color and floor color. I’m not going to get fancy and go for wallpaper, so I need to decide what color I want to have it painted, and then I guess we’re going to get ceramic tile and I need to decide about that as well.

I freely admit to lacking a decorating gene. I need suggestions for how to finish off this glamorous bathroom of mine. What color would you paint the walls? What color floor would you have? The last time I became my own decorator, this is what happened:

peptoroom.jpg (34271 bytes)

Help me make better decisions about the bathroom!

My afternoon ended up on Marta’s massage table. She worked on my shoulder for a good half hour or more (and the rest of the time was spent on the rest of my body – I’d never had a hand massage before). She really is good. My shoulder feels better tonight than it’s felt since the accident.

The torrential rain held off until I got home, so I didn't have to deal with blinding rain on the freeway.

Walt offered to cook my dinner, but one look at him and I couldn’t even think of asking him to do that, so I fixed some pork chops, and even made gravy thanks to some Gravox from Australia.

The night ended with an episode or two from the last two Sopranos CDs, which arrived in the mail today. (When I finish these two CDs, I will be finished with Season 4 and ready for Season 5...which I don’t think has started yet).

All in all, it’s been a very satisfactory day, with lots of messages from people I love. It’s nice to know you’re cared about!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a lovely day.

Good birthday fairy!



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